Small changes to make to achieve health goals (+Free Vitamins)

This post is sponsored thanks to a partnership with Power Me A2Z and as always, my thoughts are my own.  

It’s that time of year again – goals are excitedly made with the hope that not only will they be achieved but surpassed.  For most of us, the goal to get healthier is a top priority.  It’s definitely my goal, too.  Focusing on positive healthy habits is key. 

Making small changes can have big impact for overall wellness.   As women, our bodies have different health needs than men. 

Small changes to make to achieve health goals.

  Small changes to make to achieve health goals (+Free Vitamins)

1.       Drink more water.  It’s a no brainer but so many of us struggle to drink enough water to maintain proper levels of hydration.

2.       Go for a brisk walk daily.  In the evenings, my daughter and I take walks after dinner.  The weather is nice and it’s a perfect time to just talk.  Two birds with one stone.  At work, I take the stairs up and down to the office to start and end my day. 

3.       Adding a new fruit and vegetable to the meal lineup.  I participate in a produce co-op and each week, we get surprise produce.  I’ve been introduced to fruits and veggies I may not have tried before.  Pomelos were brand new to me last year and I love them now!

4.       Decrease portions by using a smaller plate.  Portion control is the hardest for me and by using a smaller plate, I am less tempted to overeat.

5.       Take a daily multivitamin with folic acid.  Vitamins do wonders for the body.  For women between the ages of 18-45, we should take a multivitamin with 400 mcg folic acid.   

Each vitamin plays an important part in our bodies.  For example, folic acid provides you with glowing skin and beautiful nails.  Vitamin D strengthens bones.  These are just small examples of how the various vitamins benefit our bodies.  Essential vitamins are in many foods and adding a quality multivitamin with folic acid can help make sure you are taking in enough.  Power Me A2Z has a fantastic chart that shows the important vitamins and how each provide benefits, along with the whole foods that contain them. 

The Arizona Department of Health Services wants to help young women be healthy by giving them free vitamins and other great health information.  Arizona women between the ages of 18-45 just go to the website and order the free vitamins after a quick quiz. Thousands of Arizona women have already signed up. Some say it seemed too good to be true but once they got the vitamins and started taking them they are believers!

Do you take a multivitamin? Did you know that even if you aren't planning on having a baby you should still take folic acid? As many as 50% of pregnancies are unplanned and folic acid helps protect babies from some birth defects. It also helps with your hair, nails, skin, and completion.  Women who have ordered the vitamins tell us that their hair is shinier, their skin is clearer, their nails are strong, they have more energy, and they have told their friends to order their free vitamins, too.

Ladies in Arizona, be sure to visit Power Me A2Z, learn something new and get some vitamins to help you on the road to healthy living!  

  Small changes to make to achieve health goals (+Free Vitamins)

  Small changes to make to achieve health goals (+Free Vitamins)

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