Bucket List: San Diego Family Trip

Bucket List: San Diego Family Trip
Thank you San Diego Tourism for sponsoring this post and motivating us to visit in October!

Even though it's a dry, dusty desert- living in Phoenix has its perks.  

We are within driving distance to the mountains of Northern Arizona, the Grand Canyon, Puerto Penasco, and can drive to San Diego and visit the ocean. I have made it to all except the Grand Canyon and San Diego but that's going to change.   I have already set the wheels in motion to take a family trip to San Diego during Em's fall break in October and we are incredibly excited!  

I have compiled a bucket list of our MUST see spots while we visit San Diego in October

1.  The Beach

Bucket List: San Diego Family Trip

San Diego is well known for being a perfect destination due to its mild climate, attractions and of course, its beaches.  Em has NEVER seen a lake or beach.  In my opinion, going to La Jolla Beach is THE ultimate stop on our list.  From watching the crashing waves, surfers riding the waves and going to the kiddie pool- it's going to be incredible and a memory that will last forever.

2.  San Diego Zoo & Seaworld

Bucket List: San Diego Family Trip

The San Diego Zoo is well regarded as one of THE top zoos in the United States.  As animal lovers, the zoo has been on my personal bucket list for a LONG time and now that I have a daughter, it's something that MUST be scratched off the list as DONE! With the pandas, cheetahs and the rest of the animals in the zoo for conservation- I have goosebumps!

Bucket List: San Diego Family Trip

Of course, a trip to San Diego isn't complete without a visit to Seaworld for the Dolphin show. 

3.  Legoland

Bucket List: San Diego Family Trip

Legoland.  LEGO!!!!!! 

Do I really need to say more than LEGO?!

4.  Whale Watching

Although October will be too soon (or too late- depending on whether you want to watch the Blue or Gray whales), I definitely want to go on a whale watching tour to see the whales migrating south (the grays migrate south from Alaska to Baja California mid-December to April to birth calves).  Just the idea of seeing the whales in all their natural and majestic glory is something that dreams are made of.  At least to me it is!

Of course, I am not sure we can do ALL of these during the few days down there but if we can at least go to the zoo and to the beach, I will be happy.  After all, San Diego IS only a few hours drive.

Of course, October couldn't be a better time to go because from October 1st-31st, it's Kids Free San Diego time! During the month of October there are 100+ attractions that are FREE for children! Yes! FREE! 

October- fall, the weather is perfect, fall break and a family trip to San Diego.  Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

Have you ever been to San Diego?
What are your favorite spots or which are on your bucket list? 

If you have been to San Diego, what are some places you recommend us newbies? How about dining? Spill the deets!

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*Photos used with permission from San Diego Tourism

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