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Easy Tips To Control Appetite

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It's no secret that I have been trying to get my weight under control.  I have been struggling between KNOWING I need to get healthier and WANTING to get healthier.  It's a constant war with myself.  I also have a HUGE appetite and I have been coming up with ways to control my appetite.  


Tutorial: DIY Marble Coffee Mug

Tutorial: DIY Marble Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs rule.  There's nothing better than having a fun mug to drink your morning cup of coffee or tea out of.  Throw on some crazy socks, grab a book and curl up with a steaming mug.  

Give the gift of Virtual Reality for Father's Day

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Have you been searching for THE unique gift this Father's Day?  I have a great option for you to gift.

In the 1990s, films about virtual reality were ALL the rage.  Movies like "Lawnmower Man" ,
"The Matrix" and "Johnny Mnemonic" (among many others and wow, I just realized how Keanu Reeves was totally the king of VR movies!) made virtual reality  seem like it could happen ANY TIME.

Guess what? 

It is real and it's now.  

Give the gift of Virtual Reality for Father's Day

Summer Exploration & Party Ideas with Evite

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Summer has officially arrived.  

Yay.  Well, kind of.  It's bittersweet because in the Southwest it's extremely hot and that means not only having to be creative with keeping kids occupied but working AROUND the extreme heat.  That doesn't mean you can't enjoy the outdoor- just get creative.

I am sharing some fun summer exploration and party ideas to beat the heat!

1.  S'mores Escape!

Summer Exploration & Party Ideas with Evite

Meet Jax & A Crazy Cat Lady

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I love cats.

I really, REALLY love cats.  

Don't get me wrong, I love all animals but cats?  They're my heart.  I think they chose me to be one of their hoomans.  (Yes, HOOMAN!)

When I was in middle school, I collected Cat Fancy magazines (along with Mad & Archie comics) with my best friend at the time.  We had a few cats of our own. We were young crazy cat girls.  My best friend and I had hoards of books and comics and we'd spend our weekends at her farm with us just reading and hanging out with the animals.  

Fast forwards to adulthood.  I am not much different (minus the farmhouse and comics).  Oh and not a lot of animals thanks to being an apartment dweller.  Boo.  However, the fact I was destined to be a crazy cat lady has not changed.  

Developmental Milestones and Why #IWantYouToHear

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Developmental milestones.  

They are huge.  

They give us moments of happiness, of worry, of anxiety, and pride!  It's SO exciting to see when our littles have achieved a developmental milestone.  

 When Em was a baby, I was over the moon each time she hit her developmental milestones.  

She loved being read to (I legit read Jane Austen to her! Ha!), she smiled, babbled, sat up, crawled, discovered her toes and made her wants known.  

Then, one day they were gone.  Every achievement.  Every milestone.  Gone with one severe traumatic brain injury.  Em had to go through emergency brain surgery.  Parts of her brain and skull were removed due to her brain dying and swelling.  I will never forget when she first woke from  the coma after three weeks.  

Easy Mood Boosters for Busy Moms #TriedImpressa

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In January, I posted about my weight struggles.  I've been really working hard and sadly, I'm not making ANY progress.  I know it's because of an antidepressent I am on and it's really put a damper on my mood.  Frankly, it sucks.  However, I have had to really change my mindset.  My body IS getting healthier (my labs showed that! Yay!), my stamina is picking up and my mental health has improved.  I've decided to stop focusing on the fact that I am still gaining weight (and going up in size) and just focus on my health and mood.  

There is so much pressure on not just moms but all of us in general.  We are too heavy, too skinny, too poor, too rich, too this and too that.  It's a heavy burden to bear and it's not wonder so many of us are stressed and our self esteem suffers.  We're busy and it's okay to find a minute to give ourselves a little boost.

These easy mood boosters for busy moms can really just make a day and it's okay to treat ourselves.  

Sock Sundays: Books, Snacks, & TAZO® Chai Latte

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Sock Sundays: Books, Snacks, & TAZO® Chai Latte Pairings


They're made for socks, books, tea, and snacks.  This is non-negotiable.  Okay, I jest about the non-negotiable part BUT it is for me.  At least now it is.  

I have spent a lot of time decluttering and regaining control of my life so I can *finally* just enjoy Sundays! There's nothing better than getting up early before anybody else is up curling up with a good book, with a steaming mug of TAZO® Chai Latte,  and some #SweetMeetsSpicy snacks.  

I'm ready to Rock This Boat with NKOTB!

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Donnie is bae.  Yes, an almost 40 year old woman called her man-crush bae and I am not ashamed of it.  

And don't be hatin' *evil laugh*
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