Upgrade Kids' Space: Brentwood Home Review +Giveaway

A fantastic product to update kids' space & a review of Brentwood Home (Plus Kids Space Bundle Giveaway!)

Upgrade Kids' Space: Brentwood Home Review +Giveaway
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Have you been looking to upgrade your kids’ spaces?  Is this one of your goals for 2017? I know it was one of mine- to help turn Em's room from blah to a great oasis to lounge in.  Her room is still progress but this Kids Space Bundle is awesome (which makes me so excited to give one of these away to one of you lovely readers!).


Upgrade Kids' Space: Brentwood Home Review +Giveaway
No, that isn't lint on her pants, lol.  They're speckled haha

One of my goals for 2017 is quality over quantity.  That means more hand made products, more made in America, more high quality, more organic, etc.  Less is definitely more.  Brentwood Home products fit this need.

For over 30 years, the makers at Brentwood Home have been handcrafting mattresses,
bedding and home products in their Los Angeles factories. This kind of experience is important to me when it comes to shopping for my home. These products are such an investment, and they need to hold up through years of heavy use. With this much expertise, it’s clear that Brentwood Home knows how to combine comfort with craftsmanship.

Brentwood Home also operates their own factory, which gives them complete control
over the production process. From design to development to manufacturing, everything they
do is in-house and up to their own standards. The best part of this? By eliminating middlemen and shipping directly from their factory to the customer, they’re able to cut manufacturing costs and pass the savings on to you.  

On top of that,  the best part is all of the healthy, natural materials they use. From natural latex to organic cotton, they make sure your home is taken care of.

I am definitely not a crunchy mom (nothing wrong with that) but I am trying to clean up our home and lives as much as possible and it's all baby steps. 

Em loves the Venice lounger.

Upgrade Kids' Space: Brentwood Home Review +Giveaway

It's a beautiful light purple color and the cover is so soft and cozy.  It was so easy to assemble.  I legit thought I was going to have to pour a container of bean-like beads into it but nope! It's a compressed product that expands.  It's almost like a compressed mattress but it's so comfortable and of course, she sleeps on the Lilypad Pillow every night.  

Upgrade Kids' Space: Brentwood Home Review +Giveaway

I absolutely love the quality of the each item and I am more than impressed.  They're beautiful and makes for a GREAT upgrade!  

Oh and... I can sit on the Venice Lounger.  Shhhhhhhhh

I teamed up with the folks at Brentwood Home for this awesome giveaway, featuring comfy bedroom essentials for your little ones. Not only are they adorable with fun colors and playful patterns, they’re made with healthy, natural materials that are safe for you and your home. 

Read on to win!

Upgrade Kids' Space: Brentwood Home Review +Giveaway

What’s in the bundle?

Upgrade Kids' Space: Brentwood Home Review +Giveaway

This bundle from Brentwood Home contains two of their most popular kids’ products –
the Venice Lounger and the Lilypad pillow. The Lounger has a plush, hugging sensation, so your child feels cradled and secure no matter where they’re hanging out. It’s the perfect place for their “me” time, where they can read, snooze, create, and relax freely. Made with nontoxic polyurethane and gel memory foam, it’s perfectly cozy and kid-safe.

For the health-conscious parent who wants the most natural night’s sleep for their child,
the Lilypad pillow is the perfect resting place for sleepy heads. It’s filled with a mixture of silky smooth kapok, plus the texture of bouncy, all-natural latex. The Lilypad’s cover is detailed with a delicate plaid pattern for a playful touch. Plus, it’s made using 100% organic cotton, so you and your child can both sleep safe and sound.

Upgrade Kids' Space: Brentwood Home Review +Giveaway

Brentwood Home Kids Space Giveaway

Brentwood Home offers many high quality products such as mattresses, pet beds, pillows, bedding and more! Be sure to check out their selection and I also have a 10% off offer here - use OURHOME to save 10%

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