Say Yes To Summer: Fun Activities to Maximize Your Summer Fun

The first official day of summer is June 21, 2017, and it will be here before you know it!  It's time to say YES to summer with these fun activities to maximize your summer fun

Say Yes To Summer: Fun Activities to Maximize Your Summer Fun
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There's something just magical about summer- baseball games, swimming, grilling and the innocence of being young and feeling free during the break from school.   This is the time of year when basking in the sunshine and enjoying all that is around us. 

Here are some fun ideas to maximize your summer fun this year and make it another great summer!

1.  Host a BBQ

I firmly believe the grill is the official mascot of summer.  When I think of grilling- I think of summer.  The smell of the briquettes, the sizzling of hamburgers, and the sight of perfectly charred ribs are everything that summers are made of.   Invite friends and family over for an evening of food, fun and backyard games.  

Collect those memories, folks!

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Say Yes To Summer: Fun Activities to Maximize Your Summer Fun, BBQ Party

2.  Pool Party.

Speaking of parties and summer mascots- grab a beach ball, air up the floaties and jump in the pool!  If you have a swimming pool, host a pool party!

Hot days, Cool Pool parties.

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Say Yes To Summer: Fun Activities to Maximize Your Summer Fun, Pool Party, Summer Ideas

3.  Family Reunion

One of my FAVORITE memories as a kid was piling into our wood-paneled station wagon and road trip to Nebraska for my mom's family's reunion (typically hosted at a park).  This was an epic time- got to hang out with my cousins and eat some killer food.  

Plan a family reunion and catch up with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and meet ones for the first time.   Of course, you'll want to plan this one with plenty of time so others can arrange the time to attend.  

4.  Movies Outside

Here in Phoenix- there are multiple venues that host a free outdoors movie event throughout the summer.  Some are in the public parks, some are at churches, and some are at shopping centers.  They show family friendly movies that are 100% free! Bring some fold up chairs, drinks and have a fun night under the stars.  

Find out if your community hosts these events and GO!

5.  Explore your state

Summer is the perfect time to fill up the ice chest with drinks, grab your sunglasses, a map and hit the open road.  There's nothing better than exploring the off-beaten path within your own state.  There are so many treasures that you must see! 

Personally, I love going onto and finding a treasure trove of ideas.  There are so many community events that this is the time to really support our small towns and businesses! 

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These are five great ideas for fun summer activities.

What other ideas can you add to this list?

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