Where to find quality essential oils

Where to find quality essential oils
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Essential oils are HUGE and for a good reason.  

I am not a "crunchy" girl by any stretch of the imagination but I do like to mix holistic and modern approaches to my health.  I have also been making switches to using green products and have been trying to eat clean (ugh! My biggest struggle!).  However, I have fallen in love with essential oils.   

I have always been a big fan of scents.  I have always loved smelling perfumes, candles, oils, fruit, etc.  I am a big believer in the power of scent as a mood booster.  I am a HUGE believer in aromatherapy.  

As I have been learning more and more about the power of essential oils, I have been using them in a more holistic way.  I make a household cleaner with tea tree oil, I use Eucalyptus for my sinuses, I use orange as a "feel good" scent in my diffuser.  ( I absolutely LOVE this diffuser from Wasserstein home

Where to find quality essential oils

It's possible to find quality essential oils that aren't expensive.

Where to find quality essential oils

Here is where I find quality essential oils:

1.  Health food store.  

I find that my local health food store has a nice selection of 100% pure essential oils.  The employees are generally really helpful and the costs are reasonable.

2.  Direct sales representative. 

 Representatives are a good resource and will usually introduce you to an oil you may never have thought of trying.

3. Online.  

I found Wasserstein Home and they have an incredible selection of essential oils that are high quality and inexpensive.  Their jasmine is out of this world.  I also love that they have a HUGE selection and each packaging provides incredibly useful information about the usage of the oil, how to use it, mix it, and more!

Where to find quality essential oils

Where to find quality essential oils

Here is a list of great starter essential oils you can buy from Amazon:

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