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Feeling Buddies: Traumatic Brain Injuries & Meltdowns #FB4F

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Feeling Buddies: Traumatic Brain Injuries & Meltdowns #FB4F. Teaching self-regulation of behaviors, behavioral management
This post is sponsored by Feeling Buddies but all my thoughts and struggles are my own.

Raising a child with a traumatic brain injury is extremely difficult when it comes to regulating behavioral and emotional roller coasters.

My 13 year old daughter is an absolutely joy.  She can be extremely sweet, loving and full of sunshine and joy but when she is going through emotions and unable to regulate and express herself- it becomes a painful reminder of the fact that her brain is severely injured.  Many times, there is no rhyme or reason for her outbursts and many times, it's due to the brain damage.  

Incredible Indonesian-Style Sweet & Sour Pork Sandwich Recipe

Incredible Indonesian-Style Sweet & Sour Pork Sandwich Recipe, recipe using kecap manis,
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This Indonesian-Style Sweet & Sour Pork sandwich is absolutely amazing.  This is such a simple but the flavors are absolutely insane!  It's like a banh mi but... different.

Incredibly Easy Mini Sloppy Joe Pizzas Recipe

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Mini Sloppy Joe Pizzas

So this past week has been a bit wild but I am glad it’s over.  One of the best things that happened was I had my annual review with my company last week and it was a great review with really good feedback that I can use to move forward in my company.  I even got a raise! Whoot! Haha.

Best Ever Sopapilla Cheesecake

Best Ever Sopapilla Cheesecake

Cheesecake, meet sopapilla.  Sopapilla, meet cheesecake.

World: Meet sopapilla cheesecake- the best of all worlds.  

MuffinTops: The Healthy Kind and the Not-So-Healthy Kind

I am going to be 100% here.

I am overweight and have a serious muffin top.

There.  I said IT.  

The 60 pounds I have gained didn't happen over night.  I won't lose it quickly either.

Car Shopping: Taking the headache out of the car shopping & approval process with DriveTime

This post is sponsored by Drive time but my story is my own 

Very few people enjoy the car shopping process.  It's a long and daunting process and sometimes, it is disheartening.  The process of picking out a car and taking it for a test drive is a blast.  Finding the PERFECT match is such a joy but then... if you aren't paying cash, here comes the fun process of financing.  It can be a headache and exhausting.

Don't be boring- send the most UNIQUE greeting cards.

Step up your greeting card game with Lovepop, a company changing the way you celebrate friends and family. Featured on the hit show SharkTank, Lovepop’s cards are more than just your standard greeting card.

The cards are designed on cutting edge software and handcrafted in the Asian art form of sliceform kirigami. The creative designs are perfect for weddings, birthdays and any other occasion when sending a cookie cutter card just isn’t enough.

In a rush? The company will also include a personal message and send the card for you.

Shop these popular designs here.

Hedgehogs in Love

This quirky card features an oversized mushroom and two Hedgehogs in a serenading scene complete with a tiny lute. The adorable details make this card a hit for any occasion.

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The Folgers Jingle Contest: The Magic of Coffee

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Sometimes, I think that coffee is the key to peace.

Friendships are formed over a cuppa, disagreements can be solved while chatting over a cup o' joe, discussing your heartbreak with your best over a cup of coffee- all of these and then some unite souls and repair wounds and a cup of coffee is there.  Just like old faithful. 

Is coffee magical? Maybe not but it sure makes me nostalgic.  Whenever I brew a cup of Folgers coffee, I instantly think of two things: 

20 Gorgeous Votives You Can Easily DIY

20 Gorgeous Votives You Can Easily DIY

From birthday gifts, to wedding gifts to just wanting to add something extra to your home- votives are a fabulous gift to give.  Especially when you have NO idea what to gift somebody!  

Giving something handmade takes a gift from nice to AMAZING.  I have 20 of the most gorgeous votives you can easily DIY from around the web.  With Valentine's Day around the corner, any recipient would love one of the handmade beauties! 
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