How to Beat the Summer Heat in Phoenix (and that time I touched Archie Bradley's Beard)

Let me be that person right now- it's hot in Phoenix right now.  


I have lived in Phoenix for 21 years after having grown up in the Midwest humidity.  It's a "dry heat" but an oven is also a dry heat.... just sayin'.  

There are a few things to survive the heat (because, let's be real- I am overweight, in my 40s and it's just energy draining).   This has been sponsored by BODYARMOR but my geeking out and sharing my honesty is all mine :) 

1-  Fry's ClickList.

Since I have discovered Fry's ClickList, my life has never been the same. I have a child with disabilities and it's just more convenient to set up a ClickList pickup. Order online, schedule your location and pickup time. Drive up to your Fry's ClickList parking spot, call and let them know you are there and they load up your car and done.  DONE.  

I have been using ClickList for a year now.  I will pick out recipes to make, add what I need to my ClickList order and then I am set.  I don't forget anything, I don't get distracted by what I don't need, and I have my meal plan ready to go.  This has been a money-saving lifesaver.  Oh and a total sanity saver.  Working full time as a single mom- I am tired and I just don't want to grocery shop.    I am a total evangelist of ClickList.   The employees are always AMAZING and so helpful! 

My daughter is having surgery next week and I know I will need groceries and it will how I am going to get grocery shopping done! 

Let me also tell you that surprises can happen at Fry's that you won't expect.  I am a HUGE Diamondbacks fan (I love baseball! I played shortstop and relief catcher for several years.  It's my favorite sport to play) and the Diamondbacks had a really cool event at Fry's.

Archie Bradley delivered my ClickList groceries!  Archie Freaking Bradley.  The pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Two things I will tell you right off the bat- he's a really cool and super funny guy and his beard is 1000% epic.

He was there for a meet and greet with fans.  He was there representing the Diamondbacks and BodyArmor sports drinks.   It was so much fun to have him load my car and other customers' cars with groceries.  He also generously gave customers 6 packs of BodyArmor sports drink!  It was so cool to see so many people get out and take pictures and get to see our star pitcher!

In case you were wondering, I totally touched his beard.

It was luscious. 

Don't mind my goofy, cheesiness but who wouldn't with FOUR TICKETS TO SEE THE DIAMONDBACKS!!!

2.  Ultimate Hydration. 

Living in the desert- dehydration can happen fast.  

Also, my daughter takes an epilepsy medication that can increase the risk of dehydration, so I am always looking for the best drinks that she can use that don't come with any weird sweeteners or high sugar counts.  

I have seen the BodyArmor sports drinks around but I did not try them until Archie Bradley and Fry's brought them to my car.  I did get to chat with the BodyArmor representatives about the drink and I am impressed.  They're flavored naturally and the drinks contain high amounts of magnesium and potassium.  They also have coconut water and sweetened with cane sugar.

First thought- yum! Orange Mango tastes amazing.  I was actually surprised at how fruity it is (which makes sense since the flavor is natural) and it's not overly sweet like a lot of sports drinks are.  It was hot the day I went to Fry's and could feel my body start to feel drained from the heat.  I finished a bottle and I really started feeling hydrated.

I am sold on BodyArmor sports drinks.  

I bought a couple more 6-packs at Fry's (locate them at your local Kroger banner store) to help boost our hydration.  I am also working to lose this last 70 pounds, so I need all the better for me options I can get.

This won't be the last time you hear about BodyArmor (or the Diamondbacks, Archie's Beard, or ClickList) from me! 

3.  Indoor/early AM/Late Night activities

We do a lot of indoor activities.  Phoenix metro area has a LOT of inside events to survive the summer hibernation period.  We do a lot of indoor gyms- (i.e., trampoline parks), bowling, movies and also- night time movies (drive-ins rock!), early morning walks, etc.  It's all about staying away from the hottest parts of the day.

Also, sunshades for your car are a must- reflective are best.  A steering wheel cover is another must.  AC is vital.  TRUST ME.

Have you ever met a professional athlete? 
Are you a Diamondbacks fan? 

How do YOU survive the heat? 

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