So excited for Cleopatra's Daughter's release

The new novel from Michelle Moran, who brought you Nefertiti and The Heretic Queen, Cleopatra's Daughter! I can't wait for this book! Just watching the clip makes me salivate!


  1. I love the clip! Can't wait for the book:)

  2. Isn't the clip delicious????

    I am so giddy waiting for the release! (This must be how the Twilight Fangirls felt as each book was released or the Hardcore Potter fans. Ok, I read Twilight, hated it and I have read any of Harry Potter's books but want to, man I loved the movies. Ok, so that was a weird tangent)

  3. I read Nefertiti and loved it, can't wait for Cleopatra! Also, that was a great clip.


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