Review: Cleopatra's Daughter by Michelle Moran

Cleopatra's Daughter (Library Edition)

Follows the incredible life of Cleopatra's surviving children with Marc Antony -- twins, named Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene, and a younger son named Ptolemy. All three were taken to Rome and paraded through the streets, then sent off to be raised by Octavia (the wife whom Marc Antony left for Cleopatra). Raised in one of the most fascinating courts of all time, Cleopatra's children would have met Ovid, Seneca, Vitruvius (who inspired the Vitruvian man), Agrippa (who built the Pantheon), Herod, his sister Salome, the poets Virgil, Horace, Maecenas and so many others!

Following the young life of Kleopatra Selene, Michelle Moran has once again brought history and leisure reading together in a fascinating tale beginning with the death of Marc Antony and Queen Kleopatra's suicide by snake venom following Selene from age twelve to fifteen. The only ones left of the Queen's line are Kleopatra Selene and Alexander Helios and they are kept "prisoner" by the Roman Caesar.

I have always been a big fan of Cleopatra and Egyptian history. I loved the name dropping and introductions of key players in history. An easy and enjoyable read, "Cleopatra's Daughter" satisfies both young adults and adults alike. Not as powerful as "Nefertiti" but a good book. My only disappointment is that this book ends at Selene's 15th year of life and with a small blurb on her life with Juba. For personal tastes, I would prefer to have had more of Selene's adult life but I definitely enjoyed the story of her adolescence and precociousness.

Disclaimer: A thank you to Michelle Moran for providing a copy of "Cleopatra's Daughter" to read and review. Acceptance of a review copy does not affect my ability to remain unbiased and provide a truthful, honest review. I am not paid for my reviews. I am just a book lover who enjoys books, I do not attempt to be a professional reviewer. I just want to read good books. Whether I buy them or they are provided, my review will remain untainted regardless of the source.


  1. I know very little of Cleopatra, so you can imagine how excited I am to read this :)
    Nice review, I'm glad that it's honest

    -Happy Reading!

  2. Great Review! I really wanted to read this one, now you just made me more excited!:)

  3. Maria & Kirthi-

    I do hope both of you get the opportunity to read this. This is the second book by Michelle Moran I have read, the first one being Nefertiti, and she doesn't disappoint. I love that, so far, her books are centered around Egypt.

    Her writing style makes the reading flow and you won't want to put it down!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  4. I saw something about this book somewhere and was intrigued... I think I'll definitely have to add it to my list :o)

  5. This sounds really good - I love books that manage to incorporate in history in a fun way, especially when it involves Egypt! :-)

  6. I've been wanting to read this for a while. :) It sounds so good and I love Egyptian history. I really like your review, Jaime.

    P.S. - Sorry I haven't been visiting much lately - it's been a nightmare finding time to get online. :S

  7. oooo I have seen this book floating around the blogaspere, the cover is so beautiful! I too LOVE reading things about Cleopatra and anything about ancient Egypt, it was such an intriguing time! thanks for the wonderful review!


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