Oh no! I am THAT person...

My last post was a rant and rave about the movies that Hollywood has released, remakes from movies that were hits in the 70s/80s. A thought just hit me. Am I being THAT person the "I walked up hills, both ways, in a blizzard when I was a kid" or "These kids have no idea..." person? I hope not! I sure am nostalgic though. I don't mind change, advancements and cool new ideas.

In my moment of nostalgic memories, I was watching some FABULOUS 80s/90s country music videos. Country was less glam, less pop-y-ish then. Yup. I am that person. hahahaha. I don't care! I grew up in DODGE CITY, KANSAS! Hello, Wyatt Earp, Boothill, Rodeos, Bloody Kansas and we loved our rodeos, races and street dancing. Good times! I love all kinds of music but these songs just rock my socks every time I hear them. Enjoy!


  1. Right there with you..I was watching some music vid yesterday (dont normally watch tv) There was some chick seriously 80's style with the picked jacket neon shapes on the clothing and punks hair.

    Couldn't stop laughing..even in the 80's it was a terrible style. Thought we learned from past mistakes LOL

    I'm not even old enough to be considered "one of those" LOL

  2. Oh yeah...you are that person! LOL :D

    Actually, almost everything you said I am in agreement with. I guess that means that I am *that* person too! hehehe

  3. I'm a city girl...but a country girl at heart.

    Last year when my son got married and I had to pick out a song to dance (with him) I looked at all his suggestions but i came down to this song that I felt was sooooo appropriate!!!! Not Rock N Roll....But Country....Listen and enjoy!!!


    It's a simple song called "A mother's song" and so perfect!!!!

  4. Hahaha! I *am* that person when it comes to films. ;-) And I love it.



  5. @Cleverly Inked I totally agree! The 80s styles are best left in the 80s. You will not catch THIS girl in stirrup pants, tight rolled jeans, flourescent bike shorts... well flourescent ANYTHING....

    @ Deanna.. at least I admit I am THAT person! LOL. It's TRUE though!

    @Mitzi thanks for sharing! What a GREAT song!

    @Ceri! hahhahahahaaha awesome! We are purists, I say!

    Thanks for all the great comments! You are all so awesome!


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