Introducing the Princess (Costume SuperCenter Review)

Ladies and Gentleman, announcing the arrival of Princess Cinderella Emma!!!! Whoo hooo!!!

Oh yes, that is her name. You either address her as Princess Emma or Princess Cinderella Emma. Oh and of course, she has changed my name I am Princess Mommy Belle and her aunt (my sister) is Sleeping Beauty Aunt Thereasa. Freakin' adorable!

For Halloween, Emma picked out a princess costume which was adorable. I paid a lot for it at Spirit (a little over $40!), granted she wore it and loves it and still likes to wear it from time to time. I told myself then I need to buy more girls costumes so she can play dress up! Well, I was so stoked when I was offered the opportunity to review a costume because when I browsed their site, I was amazed at a. the selection of costumes they have for adults, b. their selection of kids costumes and most importantly: c. their prices!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My goodness, their prices are so freaking low! I wish when I was shopping for costumes for Halloween I would have found this site! The costume Emma wore for Halloween was much less costly on this site than it was at Spirit and it was the exact same costume!

Well, I had Emma go over the site with me and asked her to pick out a costume that she would like to have and she picked out this adorable Kids Gold and Red Queen Costume. Shipping was very speedy. We ordered the costume in a size Medium which is a little too big for her now (she was wearing a size 6 when we ordered it but she just had a MAJOR growth spurt and I now have to seek size 8s for her... sigh) but she fell in love! The velvet is gorgeous! She adores the tiara and scepter and she made me dance with her at "The Ball" in "The Castle" (living and I was designated as the Prince. Go figure! The quality of the dress is gorgeous and I am thinking it will be fun for her to wear it to the Renaissance Festival this March (if we go early, it won't be too hot)!

I say super thumbs up and I know where I am ordering costumes from for Halloween 2011!!!! Yay!

disclaimer: I received the costume at no cost from The fact that I received this at no cost has zero bearing on my ability to be fair with my review. The costume rocked!


  1. Wow, she fits into that role perfectly, doesn't she? I think she should dress like a Princess all the time. ;-)



  2. Adorable! I'm glad she enjoyed is that much.


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