Friday: Food Finds


Happy Friday guys!

I haven't blogged much this week.  It's been one of THOSE weeks.  Yeah.  You know, one of those weeks.    I won't go into the details because the week ended really, really good.  So I am good with that.

I have been shying away from the camera lately but I took a photo of myself (heh.  totally selfie!) but I liked it and I thought it looked tres chic.  Might make it my button.  Might not.  What do you think?

Ok. My title- Food finds! Yum! Found a great little restaurant in Phoenix that is vegan.  Well, I didn't find it, my sister did.  I'm aiming to become more vegetarian based with my diet but I am not becoming a vegan.  I love Asian food but I shy away from the restaurants because I have a SEVERE fish and shellfish allergy that developed in my 30s.  I go into prophylactic shock so yep, my beloved foods are a no go.  Vegan and vegetarian restaurants are usually a safe bet.  So, my sister took me to Green and I ordered the eggless rolls and spicy peanut "chicken".  All I can say is... winning.  Seriously winning.  I'm sold.  I'm going back.  I will go into more details on the food but WHOA MOMMA! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD stuff.  Seriously good stuff.
Spicy Peanut "Chicken" on noodles.

Eggless Rolls


  1. saw you on my blog hop. Thanks for linking up. would love for you to come check out my fb page.

    p.s. I'm hating it b/c I'm in fb jail. Facebook jail that is. ugh

  2. I'm not a spicey food person due to not having a gallbladder and having stomach issues but it looks good veggie wise. I'm sure you can do this minus the spicey stuff right?

    I need to get back behind my camera again. I enjoy it so much but lately I've slowed down some.


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