Jamba Juice Review

Juicing has become quite popular due to the health benefits. My sister is a huge juicing fan and juices daily. It's a great way to squeeze in some fruits and veggies. I love Jamba Juice. I always have. I have always liked to stop in and get a smoothie. I haven't been in a while but when I was given the chance to pop in and try their new fruit and veggies smoothies, how could I say no? Jamba has a few newbies on the menu! They have their new Tropical Harvest™ Smoothie and for kids, they have Jamba Kids™ Berry Beet It!™.

 Emma tried the Berry Beet It! She loved it! All she could say was yummy! The Berry Beet it has Strawberries, mangos, bananas, mixed berry juice, carrots, beets, broccoli, spinach, kale, and lettuce. If I wasn't allergic to berries, I'd have wanted to steal hers! LOL . I had the Tropical Harvest which has Mangos, peaches, yellow vegetable juice (sweet potato, carrot, butternut squash), passion mango juice, and ice. All I had to say was... O. M. G. It was so good. The flavor explosion was perfect. I think I have a new addiction. I am not even kidding! It was really, really good.  I also feel better knowing that I got a nice dose of veggies for myself and for my child!

Good job, Jamba!

disclaimer:  I was given a gift card from Jamba Juice via Moms Meet blogger opportunity.  Although this was free product, my opinion is mine and mine alone.

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