Mad Men and Etsy Obsessions

I am absolutely, positively, and insanely obsessed with Mad Men.  The fashion? Amazing.  The boozing at work? Awesome.  The societal changes? Priceless.

I will also admit, I have the biggest girl-crush on Christina Hendricks.  She's so va-va-voom.  As was said in the series, Marilyn is really a Joan.  Her quick wit, personality, style and 'tude? She's everything I wish I was.  Her sexuality is so very effortless.  I want to have red hair.  Big boobs and serious curves, too.  Le Sigh.

Some of my favorite Joanie Looks:

I seriously want this outfit.

Speaking of the above outfit.  I love Coral.  I know, I know, I know... it's trendy.  Mint and Coral.  Coral and Navy.  But.  But. But... I can't help it! It's gorgeous! I love it!  I would swim in various shades of mint and coral if I could.

I really, really, really want that pillow.  It's so pretty and vintagey.  I found it on Etsy at this shop called CarolineMint and seriously, I want EVERYTHING in her shop! Haha.  Don't laugh, I am serious.  I need it all!

Oh and another super fabulous Etsy find? 

I found this at EarthCadets.  I see this and I giggle uncontrollably.  Why, you ask? Three three letter words: Bon. Qui. Qui. Seccccuuuritay.  I will cut you.  Oh yes, I did, girl! Anjelah Johnson is HILARIOUS! 

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  1. I want that Camera! I have a collection of vintage cameras but I have never seen a mint one!!

  2. So thankful I follow you on etsy! the pillow w the mint camera to die for! I don't watch mad men but I sure would love to dress like they do everyday if I could! You make me laugh =i'll cut you!

    Have a fab day!

    1. Hahahhaaaa I am glad I gave you a good laugh. PS I highly recommend Mad men. It's the bizzzzzzzzzzzz! I swear!

      I'm so glad we've connected! Yay!

  3. Yes indeed, she is one serious vintage mchottie pants. I LOVE the coral top and pencil skirt and would also quite love to steal it from her...


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