Monday Music on a Tuesday!

This past weekend was insanely busy for me and I totally forgot to get a music post ready!

By the way, I want to throw this out here that if you like music, books, movies, etc. go visit my friend Ryan at Wordsmithonia.  I love how rounded his tastes are and he's always bringing up a memory or whatnot with his posts.  Seriously check out this music post.  You will thank me for it.

So anyways, on to my day late Monday Music.  Manic Monday.  Whatev... either ways all on a Tuesday :)

I am on a HUGE soundtrack kick now.  I was pet sitting for my sister and for some reason, soundtrack music was playing in my head.

My dad was a boxing couch.  My brothers boxed.  I was surrounded by boxing.  So you shouldn't be surprised that "Eye of the Tiger" is the tops :) I love the Rocky movies! Underdog stories where the protagonist not only climbs to the top but falls and rises again is my kinda story!  Of course, I do love the scene in Supernatural.... (Google it)

And here's Survivor, ladies and gents:

Who doesn't remember the Crane from The Karate Kid?  I love the Karate Kid and I love Young Hearts by Commuter.

I loved the series China Beach (this isn't just movies, y'all) but it was Diana Ross and the Supremes' Reflections that gave me chills

And just enjoy the Game of Thrones opening music.  Haunting.

Share some music you love!


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    1. LOL!!! You have to admit it DOES get ya motivated! Hahahaha

    2. Rising up to the challenge of our rival..... It's the EYE OF THE TIGERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


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