Orange is the New Black

I am always late to the party but have you seen "Orange is the New Black" on Netflix???

I am obsessed.  I can't handle waiting for season two.  I just can't! I absolutely adore everybody, even Piper.  I absolutely geeked when I saw Captain Janeway... er, Kate Mulgrew in the series! I am a total Star Trek geek and Kate played as Captain Janeway in Voyager and was amazing.  So, she is Red in Orange.  Ha.  I totally didn't mean that but I am leaving it.  My uber favorite, though, is Suzanne or I fondly prefer her as Crazy Eyes.  I WILL CUT YOU!!!! She's brilliant especially quoting Shakespeare.  I am pretty bummed that Alex won't continue to be a main character but I am stoked for season two and might just need to read the book.  It's a fabulous show.  Seriously.  Netflix killed it with this series.

In the meantime I will finish Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Oh and here's proof that I am a Star Trek nerd.  I drink my caffeine out of my beloved Trek mug.  Don't judge.  Deep down inside, you know you love Trek. :)


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