Blogger Identity + Music Monday: 70s Edition

When I started blogging several years ago, I knew what I wanted my blog to do.  I wanted to blog about shaken baby syndrome and what it was like to raise a child who survived shaken baby syndrome.  I let that blog go to the wayside when I started blogging about books.  Then, I said Hey! I'm gonna combine the two.  Well... then I revamped with this new blog.  I don't like be constrained to one topic.  I felt myself being burned out previously.  Reading books became a job.  Shaken baby syndrome became extra draining.  Now, when I reinvented (well, that's the best word I could come up with for this blog)- I feel a bit... all over the place.  I am not sure WHAT my blogger identity is.  I don't feel like a mom blogger, I don't feel like a book blogger, I am not a lifestyle blogger... maybe I'm a whatever-I-feel-like- gosh (sorry, shameless Napoleon Dynamite plug) blogger.  I really don't like to be categorized.  I have always been a bit indecisive and all over the place.  Maybe, I should separate blogs? One book.  One SBS.  One Parenting. One Reviews.  Bah.  I don't know! Or... leave it as is.  Chatting about whatever I feel like, GOSH!  I like to write about random topics.  I love reading all of your amazing and well focused blogs! I follow so many amazing blogs and that is NOT a lie.  I am finnicky about the blogs I choose to follow and I am so lucky that I read some amazing ones and that I have virtually "met" you.  Blog friends are real friends!  I know I don't care about internet fame.  I know I don't care if I make any money (don't get me wrong... I'd be geeked to the max if I made money from this).  I DO know, I want to share my obsessions, joys, heartaches and amazing finds with those who read my little space on the interwebz :)

I know most of you have your identity down pat, but... how do you define your blog?

Oh and here ya go...

September 20 was the 40 year (Omg! FORTY) anniversary of the death of the great Jim Croce.  His life ended at 30 years of age and just at the prime of his career in a plane accident.  What could have been, we will never know but what we do know, he was a great artist and had we been allowed, he would have been making many more amazing albums.

Here are two of my favorites:

Of the 70s music scene isn't complete without John Lennon's iconic Imagine:

Let's be honest, Player's Baby Come Back is one sexy song.  I looooove smooth/soft rock.  I can just imagine cruising along in the cool evening with this song playing.  Hot.

And let's end this with the lovely, Bread and "Everything I own"


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