Boring + PM Dawn

I posted previously that I have been in a bit of a funk.  I don't want to divulge too much of my personal issues but it all boils down to finances.  I am in a dangerous area financially and I am very scared.  We all go through feast and famine modes and right now, it's famine.  These are all my own doing and I will get myself out of the mess but it sucks.  It pulls my spirit down and am having a hard time trying to motivate myself to blog and my mind is a bit blank which makes it difficult to come up with a topic.   I feel like I am such a boring blogger these days.  I need to get my juice flowing.

To make matters worse- my TV stopped working.  We don't have cable and just watch via Netflix and Amazon Prime (and hulu on the computer).  Netflix is a reward I use with my daughter for when she has a good choice day.  She likes choosing her shows to watch and enjoys the 30 minutes to 1 hour she earns.  i feel this is fair.  So when it went out last night, I cried.  I can't replace it.  It sucks.  My sister is giving me one from her house but who knows when it can get taken off her wall.  It's not even about the TV right now.  It's about everything being too close to the edge.  It SUCKS.  It affects my daughter. Enough about personal issues.  That's enough.  Ha.

On the positive side, I listed two items in my Etsy shop.  Only two items but TWO are listed! Whoo hoo.  I hope to get photos taken this weekend and get items listed! Yay!  I do have a ton of product reviews to write.  Sigh... get motivated grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllllllllllllllllll ha.

So... I am on a huge PM Dawn kick.  Prince Be the Nocturnal has an amazing voice.  Their music has always resonated with me and it's a shame that the band's career has kind of stalled.  Unfortunately, Prince Be did have a stroke which caused a left sided hemiparesis or maybe hemiplegia (essentially, left sided paralysis) and recently, he had a leg amputated (I believe due to diabetes).  I feel like their music is timeless and I will always be a major fan of theirs!  It's a little difficult to find videos of their music but these are some of my favorites!

If you like their music and would love to download the album or purchase the CD, please click through the widget below.  This is an affiliate link and I do earn a small commission!

Thank you!


  1. Not that I'm a PM Dawn fan, but this put me in the mood for some Enigma.

    1. Oooohhhhhh I love Engima! YOU just made me put Enigma on Pandora! Good call!

  2. Ah man that really sucks Jaime, I'm sorry! Finance stuff makes life so freakin' hard and even the smallest things (like a TV) can be a world of difference when you can't afford it. Especially when you have someone you have to care for. I wish you a ridiculous amount of good juju and hope some financial luck is headed your way darlin'!!

    1. It really is the worst! You know how it is- it's the tiny things but ya know, just have to roll with it all! Thank you! I need some good juju!!! You are so sweet!


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