The North and The South... Korea

I have a strange obsession with the Koreas.  Something about Koreans, the Korean culture, food, music, etc. draws me in.  Heck, my ex is half Korean.  If that tells ya anything...  Lemme back step a bit and say,  I have a love of all things Asian period.

I had a pen pal from South Korea when I was in junior high and was really sad when she had to stop writing.  She used to send me cassettes of her favorite Korean music and I would send her mine.  She was teaching me words written in Korean.  It was very cool! I fell in love with all things Korean.  I adore Korean food.  I really, really, really am a bit obsessed with K-Dramas (Korean Dramas).  Let's face it, they are pretty.  Very pretty to look at.  The drama...oooohhhh, the drama is so deep.  Ha.  I totally have a Pinterest board dedicated to K-Dramas (Click on the link... I dare ya).  I was indoctrinated when a random person via Send Something sent me a DVD of Princess Hours and I was done.  I get on serious obsessive kicks and will be watching for DAYS on end my "stories".  I had to dig to find my stories! It was so difficult to find them.  Now, they have such a wide audience and you can watch them on Hulu, Netflix, Viki, Drama Fever, etc.   It's crazy! They have taken the world by storm! No lie!  Besides, I think Asian guys are seriously hot.

*cough* Sure I will *cough*

My first:

Of course.  The plot.  Always the plot.

Check out what Hulu has:
Korean Dramas

Now, my friends that would be SOUTH Korea.

Perfect choreography.  Via: Unknown.  Please let me know if this is yours and I will cite the proper source!

Sadly, North Korea has been so cut off from the world since the Kim Dynasty has taken over all north of the DMZ.  A North Korean can be put in the gulag or even executed for being in possession of South Korean shows, music, etc.  The country is starving, they have been brain washed and are so controlled... it's sad.  Some have been lucky enough to escape.  I have spent two nights of my depression watching a few documentaries about North Korea.  One is called Kimjongilia (believe it or not, there's a flower called that named after Kim Jong-Il) and it's heart breaking.  The interpretive dancers are a bit distracting but it's about the people and their fight to survive.  Another one is called Seoul Train about the underground railroad helping get defectors to safe ground.  Jaw. Dropping.  And last, Lisa Ling went in as North Korea but posed as a Medical Coordinator- she gave us a rare glimpse of what it is like VISITING North Korea.  It's mind boggling.  North Korea is starting to allow visitors in.  You can't go in without a "guide" *cough* handler *cough* but.... this has me thinking.

I want to visit Korea some day. North and South.
I want to volunteer with Helping Hands Korea.
While I am at it, I want to help out the Cambodian Children's Fund
I know most of this will have to wait until my daughter is much older but... it's a goal.  It's in writing! I can't back down! Right?

Where would you like to go? What is a goal you have?

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  1. Girl love reading your posts and finding interesting things about my fellow friend bloggers! Love what you do! Girl Power! I know you will make it to your dream destination because you have put it out in the universe! I would love to go to Guadalajara, Mexico where my deceased parents fell in love. I know it sounds corny but hey if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be here :)
    Catch ya on IG!

    1. Awww you are so sweet! I hope I do make it! I dream of it!

      No way! Totally not corny! Guadalajara is the source of a piece of history that is important to you and your family! I think it would be awesome and now... YOU put it out to the universe and you will achieve it!

  2. Replies
    1. Right?!!!!! Soooooooooooooo hot! But we all know... it's the plot *whistles innocently*

  3. I loved having pen pals. I always felt like a spy of sort when I could peek in and know so many from far away places. I love this post. :) Thanks for the visit the other day.

    1. I love it! Yes, totally like a spy into the loves in other countries! I still have some of my pen pals from many, many years. I have been a very bad pal lately but... ya. I'm glad you enjoyed this post!

      I am always lurking on your blog, I don't always comment but... I'm always drooling over your AMAZING photography!


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