Favorite Cancelled Television Shows

I tend to love a good one hit wonder when it comes to music.  I also tend to love a good one hit wonder television series.  Okay, maybe they last more than one season but no more than two.  Not only do I tend to fall head over heels in love with them, I become obsessed and want to know WHYYYYYYYYY there aren't anymore! How could they?! Ya know, all that drama and nonsense.


Starring Luke Perry and Malcolm Jamal-Warner.  This gem lasted two seasons but those two seasons were absolutely amazing.  A post apocalyptic setting where everybody over the age of 12 died from the Big Death and the kids are left to fend for themselves.  The show starts 15 years after the Big Death.  Sure, there are some unbelievable events that happen but I'm not watching it for reality.


Starring Nick Stahl and Clancy Brown.  This is set during the Great Depression and Dust Bowl.  This show was out of this world and a great cast. Essentially- the theme is the battle between good and evil.  Absolutely brilliant.  This was only on air for two seasons and if you do watch it, beware- the finale leaves you hanging and you can interpret it however you want.


Absolutely brilliant show about the Roman empire.  Action packed, strong story line and the actors? Awesome.


Starring Alex O'Loughlin.  A fantastic one season show where Mick (played by O'Loughlin) is a vampire PI. Sure that's nothing new but damn, Jason Dohring and Alex O'Loughlin are super hot vampires.

Blood Ties

Starring Christina Cox and Kyle Schmid.  This show lasted two seasons.  Based on the Tanya Huff books of the same name, Christina plays as Vicki Nelson a former Toronto police officer turned Private Investigator due to losing her eye sight.  She begins investigating paranormal events and meets Henry Fitzroy.  Yes, the bastard of Henry the VIII.  He's a vampire.  I really loved this series and should have gone on for several more seasons.  The books are phenomenal, if you haven't read them.


Starring Skeet Ulrich (sorry, his name still makes me giggle).  Set in Kansas (yay! My home state) after nuclear weapons have gone off in various parts of the United States.  The people of the small town of Jericho survive this new world.

Of course, I saved the best for last...


Oh Firefly, how my heart aches for more! Captain and crew were perfect.  The Serenity, perfect.  There is nothing that can convince me that Firefly wasn't perfect.  One season? Horrible.  A show that lasted such a short time STILL has a huge following- Browncoats united.  The movie, Serenity, was phenomenal but I would love more episodes but alas, it will never happen.  Carry on, Joss Whedon.

Are there any shows that you adored that ended way too soon?

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  1. My favorite cancelled shows were Commander In Chief. I thought Geena Davis did an great portrayal of the President of The United States. I was super bummed when they cancelled it after one season.

    1. Awwwww!!! I love Geena Davis and I have never seen Commander In Chief. Now I need to look for it. I can totally see her as the President!

  2. I was told Firefly was really good. I never get to watch much of anything anymore so I tend not to get too into series. Hopefully that will change as the littles grow.

    1. Firefly was amazing! It's a Science Fiction/Western. It was just amazing. It's also on Netflix! LOL When the little ones get bigger and you can spend some time actually able to watch, you'll be addicted!

    2. I love when they joke about Firefly on Big Bang Theory. I can remember when they cancelled The Family Guy after one season and because of fan feedback, they brought it back. Personally, I would rather have Firefly back.

    3. Haha! I do, too. I totally agree. I love Family Guy but... Firefly, a million times more. The cast did a really cool panel at ComiCon!

  3. Definitely Jericho! I loved that show and was incredibly upset when I realised that it cuts off after far too few episodes. I also really enjoy Warehouse 13 - it's only got about 2 or 3 series currently on Netflix and I'm desperately waiting for another series.

    1. Yes! I was soooo upset, too!!!! I do love Warehouse 13, too! So good. Do you like Eureka?

  4. I've heard a lot about firefly and sheldon from the big bang theory keeps complaining how it got cancelled haha. I even tried looking for the episodes online once but couldn't find them!

    1. You need to! It's so good!

      If you have Netflix, they're online. Also, Hulu. Wait, do you have access to Hulu in Canada?

      I hope you find them! It's soooo good!


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