Pimpin' Ain't Easy...

For a blogger.  Seriously. 

One of my 2014 goals is to grow my blog (I'd like to get it to the point it's getting over 20,000 hits a month) and I'd like the achieve that by May.  Four months is reasonable (I think, right?).  However, it has caused me to hit a bit of a... problem.

How do you pimp your blog out without being spammy? Ha ha. 

I visit blogs and (I think) leave meaningful comments with a link back.  I pin.  I tweet.  I visit forums.  I am a part of groups.  This is all great and I am meeting some AMAZING bloggers! Woot woot. 

However, how do you really market your blog without going overboard and becoming annoying?

I am serious! I would love to read your thoughts, feedback, tips, etc.

I love bouncing ideas off each other!

Then we can totally be awesome like the Drapes in Cry Baby and roll with Cry Baby.

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  1. Pimpin' ain't easy at all! Haha! If you figure it out let me know! I've been trying to co-host blog hops and that does help. Sponsoring blogs and commenting. I am abig fan of a couple big blogs that I comment on and every time I do I get quite a few people that come and look at my blog.... I say keep up with what you're doing... but I'm still just a rookie!

  2. Love your gifs! So funny! I'm still struggling with this too, as I feel awkward leaving links to my blog and feel like I'm being too pushy. I know that it's just good marketing, but still feel weird pimping out my blog. If you find the magic solution, please let me know? *sigh*

  3. I'd say you are doing a great job, just keep on that path and you'll get your rewards =)


  4. I've asked myself and a few other bloggers this question several times. All of us are shaking our heads. I have no ideas here. I think it's easiest to find other bloggers who might take a look (or several) at your site, but just like everyone else, bloggers only have so much time to spread themselves around. I'm finding it really tricky to find people who really appreciate/love my stuff and will keep coming back. However, I just keep on going, keeping my eyes open for any opportunities that might present themselves. If you're looking at 20,000 a month, you must be doing something right...I'd be happy with 10,000 :)


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