Super Citizen Crime Buster

I am fairly certain I have mentioned that my sister has had some house drama for the last two years.  First, it began with a broken pipe that caused massive damage.  Then came the two-plus years of fighting her homeowners insurance to FIX the house back to its original state.  She's been living in a rental home (first they had her in a hotel, then they had her in a different rental and now she's in the one she's in now) right next door to her house.  She's been going back and forth.  She's been through HELL and back trying to get back into HER home.  She's had to give up many things and face many struggles during this process but damn, I'm impressed.  I would have given up but not my sister, she's fought them tooth and nail.

Her problems had been growing.  Electrical.  Plumbing.  On and on.  One day, her small, vintage patio set was stolen.  It was outside, house obviously under construction and a target.  Then this last weekend, some jerks stole her brand new ceiling fans, door handles and some other stuff.  THIS time, though, they were inside.  She's not sure if she had forgotten to lock the front door and the thieves got lucky or what it was but they stole over $600 worth of items.  She was determined to move back into the house and spend the night.  I helped her get her mattress on her bed and we went next door to the rental so she could take care of her dogs.  Well, thankfully, she didn't spend any nights in there.  Why?

The thieves struck again.  On Monday morning (MLK, Jr Day), she lollygagged a bit longer and had an extra cup of coffee and she heard something.  Looked outside, saw a truck with a trailer and her vintage sink!  She ran out.  Ran back inside, found the keys to her jeep, her cell phone, and a bra (LOL!) and chased them down and called the police.  The guys went inside a condo, so the police had to wait for somebody to get back inside the vehicle.

To make a long story short, the police pulled the thief over (only one came out) and he started singing like a canary.

The scary part? She had no clue what they stole yet.  They had ransacked her house of the few items that were in there.  However, what WAS in there- would have been devastating if they got away with it.  They took the folder that had all her important documents- birth certificates, social security cards, titles to vehicles, etc.  Can you imagine????

There are a few things to be grateful for:
1.  She was vigilant.
2.  She didn't sleep at the house.  Who knows what could have happened!
3.  She is a Super Citizen Crime Buster.
4.  They didn't steal her Yankee Candle stash (Priorities, I know.)

It's about time she finally could exhale.  She had NO idea who was stealing- was it a worker? A former worker? Who did it? That is a LOT of anxiety!

Hopefully, this Saturday we can get her completely moved in and just have the clean up in the rental left and she can finally have her home sweet home.  The home she has had for many, many years.

Oh and to make matters worse? She found her 17 (almost 18) year old cat on the curb for dead animal pickup.  She must have been found in a neighbor's back yard.

Just to give you a bit of an idea...
They had to tear down walls and stuff.  This was the kitchen and part of the living room. 

It's looking good!
So yay for the good guys!

She's almost there!

Oh and this blog?  I am obsessed. I am drooling over all the organization that I dream of.  seriously.  I read it for many hours.

Have a great weekend! TGIF!

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