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The first official week of summer is over and Monday begins the new week.

I have a lot of anxiety over summer vacations due to the difficulty of finding stable care for Emma so I can work.  Our regular caregiver advised me that she would not be available and believe me, I understood.  She has other clients and one in particular was not flexible in when they needed somebody and he needed her way more than we did for health reasons.  So, I decided I didn't want to go through the process of having to find a new person, train them and hope for the best. LOL.  It's just way too stressful.

Emma goes to an after school program for children with special needs and the goal is to teach self help and independence.  They have extended respite available for the times the kids don't have school and you can bring them as early as 8 am.  We tried this two summers ago and it was a disaster.  Emma just screamed nonstop.  Respite is night and day from the program.  It's not as structured and it's with different staff and different kids.  Emma just couldn't handle it.  It's not their fault or Emma's and we tried.  So, I decided to give it another shot this summer (with lots and lots and lots of anxiety over this) since Emma's behavioral issues are better controlled (she still has them but it's not as it was) and I work less than a mile away.

This week has been rough but not terrible.  The girl who runs the respite program for the summer was in Emma's classroom, so that helps and she has more scheduled and structured activities.  The transition from school to summer is ALWAYS hard and last week wasn't as bad as I thought and I am sure this week will be even better.  I am really proud of her and I am always aware that I am very lucky that she is at the program she is in because they are all just amazing and they do such a good job.

Needless to say- it was difficult to blog the last two weeks because I have been stressed and then because of the stress, I became sick and was blah last week.

No books to post this week because I am still return the Alloy of Law and Eye of the World PLUS watching Season 2 of Orange is the New Black.  Oh we will be discussing it this week. Haha

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