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I am pretty sure I am an odd duck.  I have decided to re-read the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.  I started it up again a few months ago and then decided since I didn't have at least the first three books on my shelves, I needed to scrap it until I do.

Does anybody else do that?  I guess on a subconscious level I think I am going to read them in rapid succession but that rarely ever works out that way.  It must be part of the hoarder in me.

The Wheel of Time is a massive series and has a total of 14 books.

Robert Jordan passed away in 2007 without being able to finish the series.  He had planned to get at least one more book written just in case the worst case scenario happened- which it did.  Brandon Sanderson was handpicked by Robert Jordan's widow to complete the series.  It's done.  All fourteen books have been published.

What really sickens me is how assholish "fans" were when he passed away.  The man died of a terminal heart disease that he was diagnosed with in 2005.  The median age of survival from onset is 40 months.  I am pretty sure he had to prioritize how he would spend his last days and I am sure he felt saddened by not being able to finish Wheel of Time, much to the disappointment of fans.

What really makes me sad is when I read nasty comments about George RR Martin taking a long time to write "A Song of Ice and Fire" (AKA The Game of Thrones books) and they hope he doesn't "pull a Jordan".  What kind of screwed up person says that? A selfish person.  I am a fan of the series and sure, I'd like the books to happen but they will happen when they happen.

So... I shall end that tangent with my thoughts on "Eye of the World".

I am about 80% finished.  This first book is very, very detailed and intense with the world building.  This one is setting the stage to the "Great Hunt".  I can definitely see how much Tolkien inspired Jordan and Jordan is a fantastic author.  

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