#FlawlessFinish: SheerCover Makeup Review (And 411 About A Contest!)

Disclaimer: I received SheerCover and the associated products for free for my consideration however my opinions are my own.

Who remembers the SheerCover infomercials? I do! I ALWAYS wanted to try their product.  I wanted to have the beautiful transformation that the women on the program had.  I have pockmarks on my cheeks from cystic acne when I was younger.  I hate it.  It's hard to diffuse it and I have to use a LOT of silicone primer to fill it in.  I have used the other mineral makeup that is extremely popular and I liked it but I never got the coverage I wanted.  I figured that trying out SheerCover can't hurt.

I have to say first off- these brushes are AMAZING!  I absolutely love the contoured blush brush.  The bristles on all the brushes are extremely soft and the weight of the brushes are perfect in my hand.

They definitely get two thumbs up.

As for the mascara and primer - I did not try them yet.  I still have an open tube of mascara that I am using and I don't want to waste it and same with my primer.  They don't last long once opened, so I would rather hold off until I am ready to use them.  Once I do, I will definitely update my blog!

As you can tell, I have really been using the concealer and highlighter! I love it.  I found that it was easy to blend to create a nice match on my less than nice areas on my face.  The highlighter/brightener was perfect to use for brightening up my eyes.

I did not get ANY skin irritation.  I have extremely sensitive skin and a lot of products make me super itchy.

I will admit that I was surprised that I only received a foundation and not any kind of transluscent setting powder but it still worked out fine.  I found it didn't take a lot to get a light coverage on my face.  It's really hot, so I didn't want to layer it on.  I also didn't feel like I looked super powdery (which can age your appearance).  The coverage was extremely buildable.  My pockmarks aren't fully covered and really, they never will be.  I have learned to just accent my features as best as I can and embraces that the scars are part of me.

I also did not experience ANY irritation!

The bronzer powder is my favorite.  I love being able to "customize" my bronzing powder. I am EXTREMELY fair skinned and finding the RIGHT bronzer for me is difficult.  Most of the time, it makes me look dirty no matter how light I put it on and how much I blend it.  I am going to say- I am IN LOVE with this bronzer.  This is officially my go to.

Overall- I am really glad I had the chance to try out SheerCover.  I am definitely NOT disappointed and would certainly buy their products.  I am a fan!

Just a quick disclaimer- I am obviously NOT a beauty blogger or a guru.  I'm just a mom who wants to find something that works.  I am not an expert but I am an expert on me :)

Here's a selfie with me wearing SheerCover:

Also... head on over for a great  SheerCover contest!

What kind of makeup do you wear? Do you wear any kind of mineral makeup?

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