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One of the things I love about Facebook are the groups.  They're pretty much awesome but some... eh, not so much.  I am a member of a group that discusses growing in my hometown of Dodge City, Kansas.  It's really fascinating hearing from all the generations of people who grew up there.  We have members fresh out of high school to some in their 80s.  Many share photos of places and sites long gone.  A gentleman got a chance to get inside the grade school I went to and shared the photos.  It's long closed but Dodge City has a rich history and although it is not the same as it once was, it holds a very special place in my heart. 

Big Basin Prairie Preserve/St. Jacob's Well.  The preserve is a protected area for buffalo and the well is special.  It's never been known to go dry.

The thing about Southwest Kansas is that the career opportunities are very limited and low paying.  I love living in Phoenix but heart is in the Plains.  My 10 year goal is to be able to head back home at some point.  I am not sure if I will end up in Southwest Kansas or Nebraska.  Both of the states have been calling me home but I won't move until Emma is a legal adult. 

Housing is inexpensive and finding a part time job will be easy but...

What are my goals to get there? 

1.  I am working on my writing to be able to freelance.  Every day, I sit and write at least 500 words.  My goal each time is to improve my storytelling, my grammar, expanding my vocabulary and finding new words to use in a story.

2.  Working on building a client base for freelance writing, ghost writing, SEO, Social Media Management.  In other words, growing a virtual assisting business.

3.  Still building my Etsy store.  

4.  Growing my blog (this one and my new one- you can visit it here)

5.  Working on a few books but that goes along with point #1.

6.  Paying down debt. (That's a post for another day).

7. Saving to buy a house with cash.

8.  Other business ventures.

What are your goals? Whether they are personal or professional, I'd love to hear them and cheer you on! 

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