The Family Dinner Project #familydinnerforward

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Did you have family meals growing up?
8 out of 9 kids.  I'm the baby

Growing up, we ate together.  It was hard because we have a huge family but dinner was served at the same time.  However,  my fondest memories of family meals were after church.  As kids, my siblings and I went to a Mennonite church and we were often invited to the farms after church.  We went out and helped with feeding the pigs, chickens, and whatever help was needed.  I had no clue what I was doing.  I was a town kid.  Ha.  Instead- one of the Mennonite girls taught me how to ride a pig like it was a horse.  Here's this young girl in her church dress, two braids and super sweet teaching this town girl how to ride a pig.  It was hilarious and it makes me smile. While we were outside, a huge mid-afternoon dinner was being prepared. 

Everything was made from scratch and the table was set.  I can still see the huge bowls of mashed potatoes, the fresh green beans, the pot roast, the homemade rolls, and dessert.  The meals were always very traditional, fresh and wonderful.  I learned table manners from these Sundays.  

I still smile when I think of the Mennonite families we spent a lot of Sundays with.  When my mom passed away in 2006 and my dad in 2013, many came to see us.  

I also have fond memories of Thanksgivings and Christmas meals with my family.  Our family... we definitely put the fun in dysfunctional.  We are a large family with large personalities and large shenanigans.  It's usually full of laughter and ... um, bodily functions.  Oh and we are loud when together.  VERY loud.  That's what happens when you get a ton of us together and you really have to have thick skin because... you will become the butt of jokes.  As crazy as it was, I still miss the wild times and the very serious Monopoly or Rummy marathons.

 I would like to have weekly home cooked meals with my family and sit down dinners with my daughter.  It's so important to bonding, having fun and conversation. 

The Family Dinner Project #familydinnerforward

Have you heard of the Family Dinner Project? The mission is to inspire families to enjoy food, fun, and conversation together.  This isn't about being fancy but... being together.  As a family.  Simple.  

The Family Dinner Project is honoring Giving Tuesday (December 2) and the holiday
season in general by inspiring dinner-oriented acts of giving.

Between December 2-16, join us to kick off #familydinnerforward, an initiative (and fun
contest!) to inspire families to give – within the family to one another and/or to those
outside the family.

To participate in #familydinnerforward, simply snap a dinner/giving-related photo and
share it via Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #familydinnerforward. You can share
as many photos as you like and all photos tagged on Twitter or Instagram with
#familydinnerforward between December 2-16 will be entered to win prizes from
Lenox! Two winners will be drawn at random and will receive four 4-piece plate settings
of the Lenox Entertain 365 pattern of their choice (estimated value of $344-400
depending on pattern chosen)! US entrants only. Be creative! 

Here are some examples of dinner-oriented acts of giving you’re welcome to use:

The Family Dinner Project #familydinnerforward

How will you participate in #familydinnerforward? What ways can you think of to join the movement?

I have decided 2015 is the year for family for me.  I've let it slide and it's something I need to do for my daughter.  Ohana means family!

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