Freedom to Be Spontaneous: 5 Must Haves for Women Returning to the Dating Game

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 I have been single for a very long time.  I have shied away from the dating game for a few reasons but the biggest reason has been that I haven't been ready.  I've said a few times that I want to date again but in reality, I just haven't been ready.  I have had so much on my plate that I just never felt I could give enough of myself to any relationship.  However... I am ready mentally and emotionally.  My daughter is older and I have more freedom to be spontaneous in my life! 

As I am getting in "single woman" mode, these are the five MUST HAVES for women returning to the dating game.  Especially us lovely foxes in our 30s and have motherhood under our belts! 

 1. Dress for success.

 A woman who is dressed in a way that makes her feel her best is a confidant woman.  A fabulous pair of shoes (seriously, how fabulous are my heels? I love them!), a playful dress, sexy jeans, or a favorite maxi skirt- whatever makes YOU feel sexy will boost your confidence and make you just irresistible.  

2.  Signature Scent 

A signature scent makes you unforgettable.  When a person is away from their loved ones (working out of state, deployed in the military, in the hospital, etc.), taking something that smells like their loved one (a tshirt, a pillow, etc.) evokes memories of loved ones.   When you smell Jean Nate, do you think of your mother? Old Spice make you think of your dad? The olfactory senses are powerful and a whiff of a familiar scent can stir memories. 

3.  Makeup

I am not a heavy makeup wearer but there's something about a little lip color, mascara and eyeshadow that makes me feel a little extra confidant.  Maybe for you, it's gloss or just mascara.  

4.  Soundtrack.

"Where words fail, music speaks"-  Hans Christian Anderson

I am a huge music junkie.  When I want to relax, I have an album for that.  When I want to dance, I have an album for that.  When I want to sing along, there's an album.  When I want to feel energized, happy, sexy, etc. I have albums to help boost my mood.  When I am getting ready to go out, I throw on an album to get me in the mood.  

5.  K-Y® Liquibeads

5 Must Haves for Women Returning to the Dating Game #TheMoodStrikes #AD

Let's be real ladies, our bodies have changed.  Children.  Aging. Life.  It all affects our bodies.  You never know when the mood will strike (We are all adults here, right?) and who wants to deal with a messy lube? Not me.  K-Y® Liquibeads are awesome in that they are inserted once every few days via an applicator and you are ready just in case... the mood strikes.  One can never be too prepared, amiright?

How to use KY® Liquibeads
1. Place an ovule into the applicator (very similar to a tampon)
2. Insert the ovule (again, think of inserting a tampon)
3.  That's it! Throw away the applicator and let it work its magic.  As I said, you only have insert once every few days and you are ready when #themoodstrikes!

Right now, you can score a coupon for $1 off here & find it at Walmart!

If you are pregnant or nursing, be sure to consult with your doctor before using the product.

5 Must Haves for Women Returning to the Dating Game #TheMoodStrikes #AD

What are your must haves for getting back into the dating scene?
If you're NOT single, what are your must haves for date night with your significant other?

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