Health & Body Shock

*breathes in deeply*

I've known for a bit that my weight was climbing.

I'm 99% sure I've discussed my desire to get myself healthier on this blog before.

It has been one of those things that I have chatted about but never took it too seriously.  I mean, most of my clothes fit me.  They may not fit NICELY but I can get them on, so I'm fine, right?  Vanity is not my primary goal but feeling good is... and I don't feel good.  AT ALL.  I'm sluggish.  I am tired.  I am cranky.

Loved this photo

When I went last month on a local adventure, I was mostly behind the lens but I was in a few photos.  The ones I really liked, I posted. I saw some photos that really surprised me.

I am not attempting to shame myself but I am also aware of the fact that *I* am not healthy.

It has zero to do with the number on the scale but 100% with the fact that my knees hurt, I am easily tired, and I am carrying excessive belly weight.  I want to live to see my daughter become an adult.  There are women who are MUCH heavier than I am who are doing Crossfit where I can barely walk across a parking lot without becoming winded.


I am not sure exactly what the plan is to get myself into a healthier body but I am going to achieve it.

I would love to stop hiding behind the lens, hiding behind ill-fitted clothing and feeling terrible about myself and live life as we only get one shot.

I am making small changes- cutting down my portion sizes.

I also am going to do the following:

Photographing my progress.
Join the gym.
Meal planning.

It's going to be a destination- who is with me?

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