5 Ways to Take Standout Instagram Photos

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Social networking has brought forth many ways for people to communicate, stay in touch, grow your business and network with colleagues.  As a blogger, I am always looking for ways to promote my newest ideas and connect with other people.  One of my all time favorite social media apps is Instagram.

Instagram is so much fun and is such a great way to connect with like-minded readers, bloggers AND businesses.  Instagram has been a huge learning curve for me and I am no where close to being an expert nor am I the best but here are some tips on how to take standout photos for Instagram.

Use natural light.

The diffuse lighting from the sun is always beautiful and allows the true beauty of the subject to stand out.   I *never* use the flash on my phone or my DSLR.  I hate fluorescent lights.

Many times, I take a photo with my Canon and upload the image to DropBox, save to my phone & upload to Instagram.

5 Ways to Take Standout Instagram Photos


The time of day also makes a difference in lighting- dusk and dawn brings the dreamiest and most drool worthy lighting that really makes colors pop.  Also, overcast days.  Seems weird, right?  However, overcast days have always been my favorite days to take photos.

Creative framing and composition.

One important aspect in photography is framing your subject.  Framing is what brings attention to the object and makes it standout.  Darren Rowse has a great post about framing on his website, Digital Photography School.   

The rule of thirds is one that I had to get the hang of but it’s AMAZING when it’s done right.  Just moving the subject in the frame can take a photo from “nice” to “WOW”

Whether using a DSLR, Point & Shoot or a smartphone camera, framing is important and with instagram being a visual medium, it’s important there.  Do not use the Instagram app to take images.  Bypassing the Instagram app gives better control over the image and editing of the image.

Participate in Photo Challenges

I love instagram photo challenges and they are a great way to get creative with the subject given and to improve upon photography.  There are many out there and the one from Bloggers Get Social is great!  

3D Camera Phone.

What? 3D Camera Phone.  Okay, not REALLY a 3D camera phone BUT an attachment that can take a photo from FLAT to AMAZING.  Seems like a dream, right? Check out Bevel.  

The Bevel 3D Camera attachment plugs into the smartphone headphone jack and go.  The eye -safe laser captures the image and transforms it into 3D magic.  Imagine THIS on Instagram.  


Coolest part? Bevel starts shipping in December (get yours here)

What tips do YOU have for taking stand out photos for Instagram?
What would you take 3D photos of with Bevel?

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