MARVELous Berry Granola Trifle

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MARVELous Berry Granola Trifle

*tap tap tap* Is this thing on? Yeah? Awesome.  So.... where are my MARVEL fans at? Welcome one and all.

Y'all know I'm a huge fan of MARVEL movies and with movies comes food, right? I mean... how can one have a movie night without serious eats? Impossible.

I am pretty excited about this uber awesome MARVELous Berry Granola Trifle but I am even more excited about these MARVEL chewy granola bars I found at Walmart.

MARVELous Berry Granola Trifle

Are you loving the throwback as much as I am?

MARVELous Berry Granola Trifle

The packages are even more awesome because A) they have Super Hero Trivia and B) each package has one of four collector cards (Hulk, Iron Man, Hawk Eye and Spider Man).  Mine had Hawk Eye.  I have my eyes peeled so I can get the three remaining cards!

MARVELous Berry Granola Trifle

There are six different wrappers available- Captain America, Hulk, Spider Man, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor.  Each bar is also 40% larger.  Hey.. Super Hero Snack Bars and all... 

MARVELous Berry Granola Trifle

These MARVELous (Ha! Get it?) Berry Granola Trifles are awwwwwwwwwwwwesome.


1.  Vanilla Instant Pudding
2.  MARVEL Chewy Granola Bar
3.  Berries (I used a cherry berry medley that was frozen and thawed)
4.  Mason jars.

Step 1.  Make some vanilla instant pudding (or vanilla pudding cups are totally fine)

Step 2- Grab a MARVEL Chewy Granola Bar (I like the chocolate chip variety) and chop it up in to pieces.

Step 3- Put a layer of granola on the bottom layer of the mason jar.

Step 4- Add a heaping spoonful of vanilla pudding

Step 5- Add a heaping spoonful of berries.

MARVELous Berry Granola Trifle

Step 6- Repeat layers until jar is full.  It will depend on how big your jar is (I had 8 ounce jars and each only held 2 of each layer).



MARVELous Berry Granola Trifle

Play some MARVEL games, watch some movies and embrace your inner Captain America.

MARVEL Themed Games and Movies

Be sure to check out how to make snack time even more SUPER at the MARVEL hub

How do you play superhero during lunch time?

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