What Goes Around, Comes Around with AmazingKarma

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of AmazingKarma.com. All opinions are 100% mine.
The non-religious concept of Karma is defined as "what goes around, comes around".  Do you believe in the concept of Karma? 

I truly believe most people do believe in the concept, regardless of background.  If a person does something bad and then something bad happens to them, many of us think "That's Karma." and vice versa, if a person does something good.  More and more people are practicing acts of kindness.  As humans, we aren't perfect and are definitely works in progress but in reality, I believe most people want to be good.  

How about being recognized for good deeds? Or even called out for the not-so-good deeds? What if the recognition helps earn Karma points that can help others? Amazing Karma Gives away 200K Free Karma Cards starting in November to help reward people for good AND bad deeds.  

What are Karma Cards? 


Sign up and register and you will receive 40 Karma cards.  The green cards recognize GOOD deeds while red cards recognize not-so-good deeds.  When each card is registered, you earn Karma points.  The recipient will earn good karma :)  You earn Karma Cash that you can redeem to donate to charity or gift cards.

Brilliant, right?

Amazing Karma Gives away 200K Free Karma Cards is for a limited time and you really need to register on the prelaunch landing page and soon... start accruing karma!  

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