$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway [ends 4/18/16] + Spring Goals

I am really excited to partner with some of my blogging friends to bring YOU an awesome chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card! With spring being here, this is the PERFECT time to buy what you need for spring cleaning, spring clothes, spring reading... spring WHATEVER!!!!

Right now, I am ready to clean out closets, clothes, down size, and so on but... first, I gotta do my taxes.  LOL 

Have you done yours yet? I am kind of overwhelmed but once that weight is off my shoulders, I will be able to focus on other VERY important tasks.

I have some spring goals that I would like to achieve by the start of summer vacation (end of May for us!).  

1.  Clean up Emma's room and FINALLY have all her clothes, stuffed animals and books GONE.  The stuff she's had since a 2 year old! Yikes.  10 years of clutter.  Poof!

2.  Clear out MY closets and donate all the overstock of stuff.

3.  Organize my stockpiles.

4.  Catch up on my reading piles.  I subscribe to a couple of book related boxes - my favorites are OwlCrate (referral link), Muse Monthly (non referral link but you will LOVE this sub- tea and a book!)) and Book of the Month Club (affiliate link. Use code APR50 to get three months for half price or the first month for $8.99!)

What are your spring goals? 

Good LUCK! 

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