How getting carjacked taught me the importance of eye health

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How getting carjacked taught me the importance of eye health

How often do you think about your eyes and their health?  Most are on top of our dental cleanings, well visits and seeing our doctors when we are sick.  Many are also mindful of their diets and exercising but what about exercising eyes?

Exercising eyes? 


I have been wearing glasses and contacts since I was 13 years old when I was diagnosed with 20/200 vision and needed bifocals but it wasn't until 2009 that I became truly mindful of the importance of getting regular eye exams.  I have always been bad about getting in and checking them annually.  I will start getting headaches, blurry eyes and eye fatigue and then think, hmmm.... I think I need a prescription and then Bam! I feel better and whoot! Off for another few years.  Except in 2009 when my eyes were LITERALLY opened when a routine eye check found a problem.  

A big problem.  A hole was found in the macula of my left eye.

The cause isn't 100% known but we believe it may have been caused by a blow to the back of my head.  In 2001, I was the victim of a violent car jacking.  I was hit with the butt of a gun, dragged out at gun point and I ran for my life.  It was everything that nightmares are made of.  The guys that carjacked me did several home invasion robberies after the jacking and assault.  They were caught the same night, thankfully, and went to prison for 15 years.  

When the hole was noticed, I wasn't really symptomatic.  I just felt it was time for a new prescription.  When the optometrist looked in my eyes after the dilation, she was concerned.  She asked me multiple times if I noticed a break in the line of the light or with other objects but I didn't.  She did have me come back again for further testing and did confirm the hole is there.  There is a concern that it could progress, so I am diligent about getting my eyes checked and also maintaining my eyes' health.  

We fail to remember that our eyes are muscles and need exercise, rest and attention.  

How getting carjacked taught me the importance of eye health

We are all busy but an eye exam is an important piece of our overall health just as hitting the gym!  

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Do you get annual eye exams? 

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  1. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry that happened to you. That sounds absolutely horrific! :( But I am glad you got to the roof of your eye problem.


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