Easy Mood Boosters for Busy Moms #TriedImpressa

**This post has been sponsored by Poise because accidents happen**

In January, I posted about my weight struggles.  I've been really working hard and sadly, I'm not making ANY progress.  I know it's because of an antidepressent I am on and it's really put a damper on my mood.  Frankly, it sucks.  However, I have had to really change my mindset.  My body IS getting healthier (my labs showed that! Yay!), my stamina is picking up and my mental health has improved.  I've decided to stop focusing on the fact that I am still gaining weight (and going up in size) and just focus on my health and mood.  

There is so much pressure on not just moms but all of us in general.  We are too heavy, too skinny, too poor, too rich, too this and too that.  It's a heavy burden to bear and it's not wonder so many of us are stressed and our self esteem suffers.  We're busy and it's okay to find a minute to give ourselves a little boost.

These easy mood boosters for busy moms can really just make a day and it's okay to treat ourselves.  

Mood Booster #1-

Take a walk in the early morning or evening. 

It's well known that exercise naturally boosts endorphins and endorphins create a sense of euphoria.  This makes you feel GOOD.    Being able to enjoy nature is so relaxing and such a stress reliever.  Also? It's free.

Mood Booster #2-



We all saw how Chewbacca Mom went viral.  Why? Because she was full of joy that was so real and authentic.  I couldn't help but start laughing when she was laughing hysterically.  It was true laughter and you know what they say? Laughter IS the best medicine.  

It doesn't cost a dime. 

Laugh.  Laugh until your bladder can't take it anymore.   LBL does happen to us ladies, right?

Mood Booster #3-

Wear something fun.

Think you're too old or fat or frumpy or skinny? Think again!

If it makes you feel pretty, happy, silly or alive- WEAR IT!  

I'm overweight and guess what? I love a pair of pretty leggings and I wear them with ZERO apologies.  They're comfy, they make me feel pretty and I feel a little more jubilant. 

As mothers, our bodies create a bit of havoc.  Our bladders decide they want to mess with our emotions and embarrass us.  Stress incontinence happens.  It's a part of our lives.  Poise Impressa is great with the fact that it STOPS leaks before they happen.  For me, being able to stop leaks BEFORE they start has been a huge mood booster for me.  Seriously.  There's nothing worse than sneezing and having a bit of... an accident.  Or coughing.  Or laughing.  le sigh.  

Impressa has saved me from serious embarrassment and having to bring a change of clothes EVERYWHERE.  (Yes, I am legitimately OCD and I prepare for everything. I mean, literally OCD, meaning I have been diagnosed and am being treated for it as it impedes my life).  It's inserted like a tampon so that it places pressure on the urethra to stop leakage before it starts.  Win.  It's available at Walmartwww.walmart.com/impressa (and I *promise* it's not embarrassing to buy it).

This is a simple mood booster for me as it's been such an embarrassing issue in public (I know nobody else sees or knows but I do.) and being able to go out confidently is huge for me.

Oh wait.  

One more mood booster.

Mood Booster #4

Treat yourself.

What is your favorite way to treat yourself?  

I love to read.  I get up a little early, go for a walk and sit on my patio with a cup of coffee or tea and read a few chapters of a book.  I subscribe to two monthly book boxes and that's my treat to myself!

Please, share with me your mood boosters!

Do you treat yourself?
Do you experience light bladder leakage?

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