Give the gift of Virtual Reality for Father's Day

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Have you been searching for THE unique gift this Father's Day?  I have a great option for you to gift.

In the 1990s, films about virtual reality were ALL the rage.  Movies like "Lawnmower Man" ,
"The Matrix" and "Johnny Mnemonic" (among many others and wow, I just realized how Keanu Reeves was totally the king of VR movies!) made virtual reality  seem like it could happen ANY TIME.

Guess what? 

It is real and it's now.  

Give the gift of Virtual Reality for Father's Day

"Mobile virtual reality has finally arrived. Be at the center of exciting games, watch the best of Hollywood in your own private cinema, socialize with friends, and so much more. The Samsung Gear VR drops you right in the action — and it's only from Samsung and Oculus."

Excited?  Yeah, me, too.  Of course, I am a HUGE fan of science fiction and if the father in your life is, too- hop on this deal at Best Buy.

Between June 5th and June 18th, 2016, get free Samsung Gear VR, plus $50 of Virtual Reality content with purchase, or lease, and activation of select Samsung Smartphones (can purchase online or in stores).

Grab a new phone and get free virtual reality gear? Win.  

With the Oculus app, slap on the VR gear and customize the experience.  Stream Jurassic Park and feel like the T-Rex is going to grab you? Totally.  Netflix and VR? Indeed. Play games- you name it.  Feel like one is completely INVOLVED - a 360 degree world. 

Give the gift of Virtual Reality for Father's Day

This might be the best way to any tech lover's heart.  

Since I'm both mom AND dad, somebody should gift me this for Father's Day.

Is the father in your life a sci-fi lover? Tech guy? Tool guy? BBQ? Fisher?

What will you be grabbing for father's day?

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