I'm ready to Rock This Boat with NKOTB!

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Donnie is bae.  Yes, an almost 40 year old woman called her man-crush bae and I am not ashamed of it.  

And don't be hatin' *evil laugh*

But seriously,  I love New Kids on the Block.  I loved 'em when I was a hormonal pre-teen, an EXTREMELY hormonal teenager and now, a different kind of hormonal 30+ year old.  I seriously thought that Joey was singing about me in "Please Don't Go, Girl!" .  Donnie & Joey were who stole my heart.  I mean, I loved ALL the Kids but those two? Numero Uno & Dos.  

I still get all levels of fangirl when I see Donnie on TV.  

*dabs my forehead*

I do digress, my girls, but not 100%, though but I do need to step away from swooning before I need my smelling salts. 



Are you going to tune in to Pop so you can watch them? Beginning June 1st, it's going to be HOT, HOT, HOT on Pop! 

I am SO ready.  

Let's do this... THE RIGHT STUFF!!!!!

Tune in so we can fangirl TOGETHER!!!!!  Find out more here

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