Meet Jax & A Crazy Cat Lady

Many thanks to [Purina Pro Plan] for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to [help my cat live the best life possible]! 

I love cats.

I really, REALLY love cats.  

Don't get me wrong, I love all animals but cats?  They're my heart.  I think they chose me to be one of their hoomans.  (Yes, HOOMAN!)

When I was in middle school, I collected Cat Fancy magazines (along with Mad & Archie comics) with my best friend at the time.  We had a few cats of our own. We were young crazy cat girls.  My best friend and I had hoards of books and comics and we'd spend our weekends at her farm with us just reading and hanging out with the animals.  

Fast forwards to adulthood.  I am not much different (minus the farmhouse and comics).  Oh and not a lot of animals thanks to being an apartment dweller.  Boo.  However, the fact I was destined to be a crazy cat lady has not changed.  

Meet Jax Teller. 

Isn't he STUNNING?  

Yes, we're obsessed with Sons of Anarchy around here.  

He's a sweetheart who loves to have fun adventures inside the house.  He is a gorgeous standard Minuet and he's kinda cool in that he's totally like a Meerkat.

See? I tell no lies. 

He loves to play.  Especially with his BFF, Sassy.  

She's truly sassy, too.  Trust me.

Cats love to play and boy do they.  That's why it's so important to encourage and engage these beauties with adventure and play!  It helps keep them healthy and is perfect for bonding.

Since each cat has their own needs, it's great to assess what those needs are by taking the quiz with Purina Pro Plan and customizing a diet suitable for your cat's needs.

Here's Jax's:

It was a perfect recommendation.  Let me tell you HE LOVED IT.

He's a cute little beggar and he couldn't get enough of his food.

Gotta keep these fun little guys around for a long time, so it's best to treat them right and feed them the best and Purina Pro Plan fits the bill!

Take quiz.  Get a $5 off coupon and then, go on a cat adventure!


It's a cat's world, we just live in it. 

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