Reasons to Visit The San Diego Zoo NOW

Have you been trying to find reasons to visit the San Diego Zoo?

There are 100 reasons to visit the San Diego Zoo this summer.

Reasons to Visit The San Diego Zoo NOW

Thank you to San Diego Zoo  for sponsoring today’s post and protecting endangered species!



Yes! That's because 2016 is the centennial celebration for the zoo!

100 years of conservation.

100 years of animals.

100 years of bringing joy to all who come to visit.

100 years ago, a lion's roar inspired a physician to create one of the most important zoos around.  From protecting endangered species, to research and to education- the San Diego Zoo has been saving animals for 100 years.  

That's why there is NO better time to head to San Diego than now.

Reasons to visit the San Diego Zoo NOW

Reason #1- 


Reasons to Visit The San Diego Zoo NOW
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The zoo is home to three pandas on loan from China. Pandas are a national treasure in China, so for the Chinese government to loan three of the giant Pandas to the zoo in partnership is HUGE.  With the research and conservation efforts, five of the six pandas born in San Diego are home in China.  This is huge since they are in extreme danger of extinction and there are only about 1,600 giant pandas left in the WORLD.

Not only are they focused on pandas, but MANY other endangered species.  

#2 The Skyfari Aerial Tram

Reasons to Visit The San Diego Zoo NOW
Source: ME :)

The zoo is exhausting and there is always so much to see.  What better way to view than in the air? Ride above the zoo and see all the sights from above. 

 Emma and I LOVE taking sky rides at EVERY zoo we go to (if available) because it allows her to see the entire zoo without exhausting herself.  

#3- Disability Services.

If you have a family member or friend who has disabilities, you'll understand why this is important.  The San Diego Zoo is known in the disability community for being extremely welcoming and open for those with disabilities.  They offer a shuttle bus and free entrance for caregivers.  As a whole, most zoos we have been to have been very aware of the needs for ALL those who attend and try to keep it as barrier free as possible and finding ways to make it the entire zoo as accessible as possible.  It can't be 100% but I think the San Diego Zoo does a GREAT job on welcoming ALL guests.  

Last but not least...
#4- Nighttime At The Zoo.

From June 19th to September 15, 2016 - Celebrate 100 years under the stars.  Each night will be full of fun, music, special shows and of course, the animals themselves!   This is a great time to not only celebrate 100 years, but to support the conservation and research efforts going on there daily.  As a non-profit, the support is always welcomed and needed.

Have you ever been to the San Diego Zoo?

What is your favorite animal? 

Visit the  San Diego Zoo for educational material, LIVE cams (Yes! PANDAS!!!), schedules, timelines and more information about the amazing Centennial Celebration happening NOW!

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