Why You MUST Try Blue Apron (It's a sanity saver!)

Have you seen the ads about Blue Apron around? I have seen them quite often and it's always piqued my interest.  I was given the opportunity to try Blue Apron and I am now a convert.  You must try Blue Apron

Find out WHY I am a HUGE fan!

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I have been curious about Blue Apron and have wondered whether it was safe (I do live in the extreme heat of Phoenix) and whether it was worth the cost.  So when the opportunity came to me, I couldn't pass it up.  

I was extremely nervous because I have an allergy to shellfish and fish and since I do have a full time job, I needed a Saturday or evening delivery because the heat here will decimate any fresh food if left outside too long.  

I am extremely pleased that I was able to include food allergies and CHOOSE my day of delivery and for this box, I chose a Saturday delivery.  In July.  *chews nails*

Delivery came early on my Saturday date of delivery and I grabbed the box and started pulling everything out FAST.   Unfortunately, because I wanted to make sure everything was refrigerated right away, taking a photograph of how everything was packaged was NOT a priority.  

My first impression, however, was that whoever is in charge of the logistics is damn good at their job.  Everything needed was packed in perfectly.  The meat was packed with ice and still ice cold upon delivery.  Every ingredient was perfectly portioned and packed quite well.



The quality of the all the ingredients is definitely high.  I could definitely TASTE the quality in each bite.   The pork was a "no antibiotics ever vegetarian fed" meat.  It was extremely flavorful.  

Everything needed to cook was provided.  All I had to do was prep and that was it!


Absolutely incredible.  Each and every little thing was labeled for each meal.  This made the process of getting dinner on the table extremely easy!  As I said above, the entire box was packed well and was securely packed.  I was concerned about food spoilage and I had nothing to worry about. 

I dropped the black bean sauce and got it on everything haha.


This is was where Blue Apron REALLY shines and why I really fell in love with it.  

Here's the deal, you all know I kinda, sorta am a wannabe food blogger but I am not excelling in this area because with a chronic illness, a full time job and being a single mother, many days I am too tired to make anything pinterest worthy and sadly, I end up at a drive-thru because the idea of going to the store, shopping and cooking is too much.  I hope one day to NOT have this fatigue but that is life right now.  

We ordered the 3 meals for two people plan.  We received Ginger Pork Burger meal, Fried Chicken, and Enchiladas Suiza.  

The Instructions were a life saver- they are designed to streamline so you can get your meal on the table quickly.   Again, because EVERYTHING you need is included, there's no need to run to the store or dig through cabinets for an ingredient.  

The recipe? 

OMG... sooooo good. 

My favorite was definitely the Ginger Pork Burgers with the Black Bean Mayo and the furikake green beans. 

The fried chicken was AMAZING.  The hot honey sauce was delectable and the the side dishes were perfection.


Blue Apron allows you to choose what day of the week to deliver and that is important because you do want to be home for delivery.  Oh and it's free.  No additional charge for shipping.


The three meals for two is $59.94.  That works out to $9.99 per person.  We spend more than that going out for Chinese or Olive Garden.   This isn't in my budget to do every single week but once a month is reasonable and it will STILL save money over going out to eat.  Also, Blue Apron does offer coupons and free offers from time to time. 


A nice and diverse selection of meals are available each week.  I love that each meal is something a little outside the box! 


Confession: I have NEVER blanched a vegetable before.  I did it for the first time when making the green beans and I am so excited.  Haha.  It was ridiculously easy and I am excited to blanch ALL THE PRODUCE!  I love that I was able to learn a new kitchen technique with such easy instructions. 

As for education, there is a card called "From The Pantry" included with each box.  "From The Pantry" is stories, techniques and suppliers behind the ingredients in each delivery.  In mine, it was ALL about Cotija cheese; how it's made, how to use it, how to crumble, pair it, etc.  

Inspiration aspect:  I have SO many recipe ideas inspired just by what I received.  That ginger pork burger was so divine and now I have ideas for various pork and chicken burgers, meatballs, etc.  (I am SO excited about this!).  I would NEVER have thought to make a kale coleslaw (and it was good!) and the simplicity of the hot honey sauce counters the complex flavor it added.

Em loved it, I loved it and so will you! 

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Have you tried a meal delivery services?

If you try Blue Apron, be sure to come back and tell me what you think!  I am REALLY excited for you to try it!

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