Honey Bacon Brussels Sprouts Recipe with Barber Foods Stuffed Broccoli & Cheese Chicken

Believe it or not, brussels sprouts are absolutely magical and paired with the perfect (and easy) chicken, even the kids will devour them! I know my daughter had ZERO complaints between Barber Foods' Broccoli & Cheese Stuffed Chicken and the honey bacon brussels sprouts.

Honey Bacon Brussels Sprouts Recipe

This post is sponsored by Barber Foods. All thoughts are my own

For years, I called them and wrote them as "brussel" sprouts and thought autocorrect was a liar.  I knew of the city Brussels but didn't think that the aforementioned sprouts were Brussels.  It's all been a LIE all these years.  I *finally* googled it and I did the digital walk of shame.  

With THAT being said, I have been CRAVING brussels sprouts.  I despised them until I made them Thanksgiving 2013.  I can't remember WHY I made the leap to try them but I am sure it was in a blogging group I was in (or a magazine article I read! Who knows!).  I remember reading that when they are roasted or pan fried, they are not bitter and they were right! I fell in love with them in 2013 and I am long overdue for them.  

Pan fried brussels sprouts, honey bacon brussels sprouts, spicy brussels sprouts

I have been fairly lazy in the cooking department lately.  I am tired.  I am busy.  Most days, the fatigue knocks me on my rear end, especially after working 10-12 hour days (Those in southern states will understand- The Snowbirds have landed.  I repeat- The Snowbirds have landed.  I am definitely not complaining! I love them! They keep me busy!).  I have been slacking on the meat department.  I mean, one pot meals have been my life but honestly? I need to change it up. 

Barber Foods Stuffed Broccoli & Cheese Chicken

I am a huge fan of anything that can help save me some time.  Between my day job, my blog and life- I need to find ways to save some sanity.  I really like Barber Foods Stuffed Chicken Breasts and have for years.  The first kind I tried was their Chicken Kiev and it was amazing.  They are soooo yummy and I will be frank here, I have tried making my own stuffed chicken breasts and that ain't my forte.  Ha. I make a huge mess and you know what? I don't want to clean it up.  I grabbed the broccoli & cheese stuffed chicken breasts and thought that my honey bacon brussels sprouts would be a GREAT side dish.  

Want to locate Barber Foods Stuffed Chicken Breasts near you? Use their locator.  Oh and go wild when you see allll the varieties!

As you can see below, the breading comes out beautiful crisp, the meat is perfectly juicy and they're BURSTING with the broccoli & cheese.  *swoon*

Honey Bacon Brussels Sprouts Recipe with Barber Foods Stuffed Broccoli & Cheese Chicken

I just preheat my oven to 375F, remove the raw chicken from their package, bake for 36 minutes and then allow them to cool before eating.  

Easy peasy.

While they're baking, I can make my side dish of honey bacon brussels sprouts.  (Yes, I am going to keep italicizing brussels, hahahahaha).

Honey Bacon Brussels Sprouts Recipe

1 lbs Brussels sprouts (stems removed, loose leafs removed and if desired, cut in half)
5 pieces of thick bacon, cut into small pieces
1/4 cup of honey
1 tsp chili flakes
salt & pepper to taste
balsamic vinegar, just a splash.


1.  In a large pan, over medium heat- cook bacon until just done.  Remove and set aside (keep the grease).

2.  Add brussel spans to pan.  Cook for about 7 minutes (until fork tender and golden brown).

3.  Add bacon, honey, chili flakes, salt, pepper and balsamic vinegar to brussels sprouts.  Allow to come to a boil and reduce to low and allow to simmer for another minute or two (just until reduced).

4.  Enjoy!

Honey Bacon Brussels Sprouts Recipe with Barber Foods Stuffed Broccoli & Cheese Chicken

Do you like brussels sprouts? What is your favorite recipe?

Want to find Barber Foods Stuffed Chicken Breasts near you? Visit their store locator!  I found them in the freezer section of my local Fry's (a banner Kroger store).  You won't be disappointed! 

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