Easy Halloween Bark Recipe

Oh Halloween.  It's time for costumes, pumpkins and this easy Halloween bark recipe. 

Easy Halloween Bark Recipe

We're all in serious trouble right now.  Okay. Maybe not all us but it can't just be me.  Why? Because... holidays.  Holidays mean yummy eats.  We all know that the blogosphere, recipe sites and magazines will be sharing all the delicious recipes, right?! 

Forgive me, my friends.  

This easy Halloween bark is soooooo good.  It's also super easy.  It's perfect for kids to help.  Oh and did I mention it's easy?!  It's EASY!!!!

This batch isn't the prettiest but it's real.  I let my daughter help me make it and it was perfect.

She tends to like to put everything in the middle and not spread it out and that's totally okay.  Some of the candy wasn't put down before the chocolate start softening and didn't set.  It was such a fun project to do together and include the kids!  

How to make this Super Easy Halloween Bark Recipe:

Easy Halloween Bark Recipe


Various candy in Halloween colors (we used Reese's Pieces, M&M White Chocolate Candy Corn, and Candy Indian Corn)
Halloween sprinkles! (Add colors!)
11 oz bag of White chocolate chips (I used Ghirardelli's)
10 oz bag of semi sweet chocolate chips (again, same brand as white chocolate chips)
2 tbs butter

Microwave safe bowls
parchment paper
cookie sheet

1.  Put all the candy in Hefty® Slider Bags to have ready. 

Easy Halloween Bark Recipe

2.  Place parchment paper on the bottom of cookie sheet.

3.  Melt the semi sweet chocolate chips with 1 tbsp of butter in the microwave (you can use the double boiler method).  It only takes 1-1 1/2 minutes to melt.

4.  Spread the melted chocolate on the parchment paper.

5.  Place a single layer of pretzels on the chocolate and spread with spatula.  Place in fridge to allow to harden a bit 

6.  Melt the white chocolate with remaining tbsp of butter- same method as semi-sweet chocolate.

7. Spread over the top of the pretzels with spatula into an even layer.  

8.  QUICK!!!!  Decorate! Go mad. Wild.  Have fun! There are NO rules!

Easy Halloween Bark Recipe

9.  Cover and place in fridge to firm up.  

Easy Halloween Bark Recipe

10. Break bark (or cut it into pieces).

11.  Place into Hefty® Slider Bags and give as gifts, store them, eat them.... the bark is so delicious.  The crunch of the pretzels mixed with the sweetness is a fantastic mix!

Easy Halloween Bark Recipe

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