2017 Goals: January Goals

2017 Goals: January Goals
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I am a little late to the party.

I can blame it on being sick (Let me tell you, bringing in the New Year sick was NOT fun and then working the entire week sick was ... sucky) or I can be 100% real and say it - I had no clue.  I was thinking, stewing, percolating, etc. on what I want my goals for 2017 to be and then I realized I just don't want to think about 2017 as a whole but rather, in monthly chunks.  I feel that monthly goals are so much easier to work with and more attainable.

Mid-2015- present has been rough on a personal level for me. 

I want 2017 to be on a positive yet health note and with that being said (drum roll, please)- here are my personal/professional goals for January 2017

1.  Finish two books this month.

This one was hard for me.  I have lofty goals- I am a voracious reader and have been known to finish two- three books per week.  I don't mean little 200-300 page books either.  I reviewed how many books I read in 2016- less than 10.  That made my heart sad but as I said above, the last couple of years have been rough and my ability to focus has been hampered.  I decided to be realistic and focus on just finishing two books this month.  If more, awesome.

On my list?

I am a HUGE fan of history and I am a huge sucker for good historical fiction.  "Daughter of the Gods" by Stephanie Thornton has come HIGHLY recommended from friends and other bloggers I respect and typically have the same taste with.  Ancient Egypt is one period of history I can't get enough and Hatshepsut is one of the bad ass chicks of history that I can't read enough about! 

Daughter of the Gods by Stephanie Thornton is available on Amazon if you're interested in reading along!

The 2nd is "The Girl on the Train" by Paula Hawkins.

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I was so excited to receive a copy in my Secret Santa exchange and I am SO ready to devour it! Everything Amy (from the blog, My Friend Amy - pssst, go check her out) sent me was wonderful and it really and truly made my day. 

2.  Clean up.

This one is pretty embarrassing but my home and my life has been a chaotic mess.  I have let things go and I am slowly but surely getting things semi-back to normal.  I haven't allowed any visitors because it's embarrassing but this is one of my goals for this month- I am going to have my living room organized and work on decorating it.  My work space is in my living room so I am going to work on improving it, too.  Each month will focus on a room in my apartment in getting it organized and looking lovely, welcoming and good again.  It's going to be quite a chore but it will be good and will also make me feel good.

Each room will provide many great opportunities to downsize and donate to the places that are near and dear to me (Here are ideas for giving back)

Mental illness is brutal.  It zaps every last bit of my energy, focus and life.  I am hoping to get onto better footing with it but it's hard.  Between my physical and mental health, I am a walking hot mess. LOL

3.  Save $75

My finances are a MESS.  It's all because of everything I said before about my personal life being a huge mess.  However, I have a goal of making sure at the end of January, I have $75 in savings.   I will keep reevaluating this goal each month but it's doable. 

4.  Overtime

I am fortunate that my job allows a lot of overtime, especially this time of year.  My goal is to work at least five hours of overtime each week this month and that will help achieve the above goal.  

5.  Blog

I love this blog.  I love the blogging world and every one of you who reads my little space in the web. I am working on a blog calendar that will help me focus on my content.  I have a gazillion ideas brewing in my brain and only so much time and focus.  Ha. 

By the end of January, I want to have an editorial calendar in place.  I feel like I have been all over the place here and I need a bit more refinement.  

I bought multiple Do It All Planners for 2017- one for blogging, one for Em's schedule and one for me.   I love a good  planner and for me, the Do It All Planner is at the right price point, has everything I need and is the right size (an in depth post will be live soon!)

I plan to post one book review by the end of this month, one recipe per week and a lifestyle type post (this month, I want to focus on the clean up aspect and decluttering my life) per month.   I also am planning to create a weekly linky type post to really grow and support each other.  

I am also working on a marketing/social medial schedule and posting the tools I use on my blog soon (they're sanity savers!).  

6.  Etsy

I have a great line of products I make and I plan to make a nice volume of products, photograph them, work on SEO, descriptions, etc and then revive my Etsy shop and create another stream of revenue.  

I think this is enough for January.

Do you do monthly goals? What are your current goals?

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