Clinical Scrubs: Style + Function (Plus a Giveaway!)

Clinical Scrubs: Style + Function (Plus a Giveaway!), Landau Scrubs Review
This post about stylish and functional scrubs has been sponsored by Landau Scrubs

Since I was in junior high school, I have been involved in one way or another in the medical field.

My journey began when I joined the American Red Cross Junior Volunteers the moment I turned 13.    I spent my Saturday mornings beginning at 5 am with my mom helping at the nursing home she worked at and then at 7:30 am, I would walk to my hometown hospital to begin my 8 am shift as a volunteer.  My duties entailed helping the nursing staff any way possible- delivering meals to patients, helping run messages and a variety of other duties.  Within a few years, my time with the American Red Cross junior volunteers I was promoted and voted into a secretarial position and then to president.

I thought that I would eventually become a nurse.

Clinical Scrubs: Style + Function (Plus a Giveaway!), Landau Scrubs Review

Alas, my career did not take me that route.  I have too much anxiety and I would never have been a GOOD nurse.  Instead, I take pride in another area of healthcare.  I have been a front office manager, I have been a biller and a surgery scheduler.  I have been in the customer service end of health care and I know that in one way or another, I can still help the people I care about on a daily basis.  I do not save lives but I encourage patients to speak up against their insurance companies and to use their voices and exercise their rights.   

Every person in the field of health care is important and each piece of the puzzle fits just where it should.  From nurses to doctors to secretaries to clean up crews- it's a huge team.

Clinical Scrubs: Style + Function (Plus a Giveaway!), Landau Scrubs Review
All about dem pockets! 

Wearing scrubs is an important part of the industry.  They're functional and allow for easy changing in the case of accidents, and able to move freely in an emergency.  

However, some scrubs- they're just not attractive.  It's easy to lose a bit of your style personality in them but Landau Scrubs provides a solution.  

Landau Scrubs has a wide variety of scrubs available that are high quality and very stylish (oh and what does everybody love about scrubs? They're sooo comfortable!).  

It's all about Style + Function.

Since I have gained a bit and am in the process of losing said weight, the flexibility of the fabric of my Lynx scrubs is so incredible.  

Clinical Scrubs: Style + Function (Plus a Giveaway!), Landau Scrubs Review

With many pockets and nicely fitted tops that flatter versus creating a shapeless silhouette.   This pink gives me life.  

Clinical Scrubs: Style + Function (Plus a Giveaway!), Landau Scrubs Review

Pretty in pink, amiright?!

I love my Landau Lynx scrubs!

Landau Scrubs has a line for everyone- Urbane, Smitten and Landau.  Each line has a variety of color, cuts and prints that are tested for durability, color fastness and consistency and in many sizes.

Need to add some flavor to your clinical scrubs closet?

Great news - enter this giveaway!

Landau Scrubs Giveaway

You can purchase any of the lines of Landau scrubs in their brick and mortar stores, online - both the Landau website and Amazon.  Visit the website for more info.

They're affordable and the quality is amazing! 

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