February Goals: January Update + Ways to Make Money (And TOOLS!)

February Goals: January Update + Ways to Make Money (And TOOLS!)
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In January, I set some goals that I really thought I could meet/exceed them.  I have also set my February goals and am also sharing with you some great tools to help your blogging sanity and some easy resources to make extra cashola.  

Win-win, right?

January Goals- update.

You can read the original post here.

My first goal was to read two books in January.  I have only read ONE.  Waaaaahhhh.  Yep, I feel like I failed but it's okay.  I finished ONE book and I am happy with that.  It's not one book a week but I read and finished "Daughter of the Gods" by Stephanie Thornton.

Okay, I really just finished it last night haha but I will post my review of it later this week BUT if you are a fan of historical fictions, ADD THIS TO YOUR READ LIST NOW! 

2- Cleaning up -  uhhhhh, well, I have made progress.  My living room/work space is not 100% to where I want it but I have made a massive amount of progress and I am happy with where I am now.

3.  Save $75.  Um, moving on.  (Nope, failed).

4.  Overtime.  I have been feeling burnt out at work and I just couldn't squeeze out five hours of OT a week but I did work in 5 hours total of OT and that's good.  

5. My blog.  I still don't have an editorial calendar in place but I do have ideas planned out for the year with themes for each month and I am good with that.  No, I am happy with that considering I have been writing/creating/posting at whim. 

6.  Etsy.  /facepalm.  Yeah, that didn't happen AT ALL and I can state that until my work space is 100%, I can't focus on getting Etsy going.  

What's in store for February?


I am going to adjust my reading goals to one book a month.  I need to be real. My life is too chaotic to allow the nights of reading until 3 am happen.  It's just not but one book a month is good.  

I am currently reading Crystal Paine's "Money-Making Mom" book and starting on "The Girl on the Train" by Paula Hawkins. I have one pleasure and one business/better myself book to read.  I figure "Money-Making Mom" will take longer to read as I absorb more of the information and with "The Girl on the Train" being for pleasure, I will absorb it.  Now that Emma's back in occupational therapy, I can use that hour to enjoy and relax with my book each week.

Finance- Still working on saving $75/month.  Last month took a hit due to some car drama but I will be back on track in February and I WILL squeeze in some overtime.

Cleaning- keeping this goal the same. EXCEPT- I am going to focus on the decor aspect of my living room/work space.  

Blogging/Making Money- 

I have two tools that I am in love with.  

First is Tailwind.  I slack on promoting on social media.  I tend to go on weird spurts and they don't make sense.  I am FINALLY getting the hang of using automated scheduling tools like Tailwind.  Tailwind is SO easy to use and I use it for Pinterest scheduling and I spend ONE hour on Sunday even and schedule for the entire week and my followers on Pinterest are growing and so is my traffic.  I am SO happy with it.   

I highly recommend joining Tribes on Tailwind.  Many have easy rules such as repinning x number of pins for each one of yours you add.  I just created a tribe for Easy Meals- you can click here to join (plus you will get a credit if you want to join Tailwind.  Tribes are free to use!)

Want to try Tailwind for one month free? Click here to sign up. 

Second is- RetweetChores.  

This one needs a moment of silence for its genius.  RetweetChores will literally save your sanity if you are in Blogging/Twitter groups and do Twitter Chore Threads.  They're mind-numbingly boring and take forever to do.  ALSO, my shoulders and hands cry at the repetitive motion of retweeting.  With RetweetChores, you literally just copy and past the thread in Facebook into the software and it just retweets the links.  It's beautiful and inexpensive ($10 per month or $99 for a year.).  Join now

The developers- Brandi and Mike are so supportive and a wealth of help in the Facebook Groups.  

Money Money Money.  

Who doesn't love having some in their bank account?

I have discovered a site called Maven.  It's awesome.  It's like a Pinterest for Affiliates.  Create boards with products and earn! They even offer "Share Events" where you can be paid a flat rate (make sure you connect your social media channels) PLUS a percentage of sales.  They have TONS of stores and it makes it super easy to earn.  I have only started with them recently and I have done one of the share events so far and it's so easy.  I am going to focus on creating MORE boards and heavily promoting to earn affiliate earnings.  This is REALLY great for fashion, home, and decor! Curate boards and earn some money! 

This is my recent board- Classy Valentine's

What resources do you love? 

What are your February Goals?

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