MuffinTops: The Healthy Kind and the Not-So-Healthy Kind

I am going to be 100% here.

I am overweight and have a serious muffin top.

There.  I said IT.  

The 60 pounds I have gained didn't happen over night.  I won't lose it quickly either.

The muffin top represents the babies I have birthed.  The joys and the sorrows.  The battle against depression and the escape from a sedentary lifestyle.  The muffin top has to go and I am working at regaining a healthy weight and most importantly, having more energy.

Here are easy ways to indulge yourself while throwing the peace sign to that extra weight.

1.  Hiking.

"The mountains are calling and I must go." - John Muir
I am not a beach girl.  The waves does absolutely nothing for me.  Mountains? Now, you're speaking my language.  Hiking on mountain trails is the best of both worlds- hiking is a great cardiovascular exercise while indulging in nature all surrounding your hike.  Inhaling the scents and the crisp blue sky is a complete indulgence for me. 

2.  Road Tripping and Exploring.

Exploring fun towns and festivals is a great way to keep moving and it's not boring! It's easy to spend several hours going on fun tours, walking through quaint towns, and enjoying local festivals.  Your bodies are moving and your brain is taking in all the enjoyment.  It's a treat for the mind, body and soul.

Stay on foot and it's an incredible work out.  

3.  Chocolate.

Say what?!  Yep.  Even better when it's a MuffinTop.  Fight muffin tops with a MuffinTop. 

BUT- it's a SPECIAL kind of MuffinTop! VitaTops MuffinTops are incredible.  

They're high in fiber and protein and low in fat and calories. 

Since they are so full of fiber and protein, one VitaTops MuffinTop keeps me full for HOURS.  They're perfect to pull out of the freezer, throw in a purse/backpack, and they're perfectly ready for snack when out and about.  

I have a TERRIBLE sweet tooth and they really soothe the cravings and I don't feel guilty.  

See? These are the GOOD kind of muffintop.  

I found my VitaTops Deep Chocolate and Banana Chocolate Chip MuffinTops in the freezer section by the frozen breads at my local Kroger store. 

Even better, there is a fabulous coupon available here.  Grab it NOW so you can indulge (and not fret!)

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