25 DELICIOUS Doughnut Recipes

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Doughnuts.  Donuts.  No matter which way you spell it, they're DELICIOUS.  These 25 DELICIOUS doughnut recipes are sure to make your heart sing with happiness and mouth smile because you're in doughnut ecstasy!

Here in Phoenix, we have some pretty damn good doughnut spots and I don't mean chain places like Dunkin (I still love you!) but fantastic mom and pops who churn out the REAL donuts.  Take one bite and you will be transported to a higher plane.  That's a post for another day because instead- let's make our own doughnuts.

Growing up, I LOVED when my mom would get out the Fry Daddy, cinnamon sugar and biscuits.  I would cut out the hole in the center of the biscuit, mom would fry them to a golden perfection and coat them with cinnamon sugar.  Of course, the doughnut holes were fried and rolled in cinnamon sugar.  They seriously melted in our young mouths.

We all know, there's NOTHING better than making homemade doughnuts!   What's even better is they can truly be a family affair! 

I have a listing of the 25 most incredible doughnut recipes from some of the most incredible food bloggers on the web.  Enjoy!

Which one will you make?
What is your favorite doughnut?  Myself- I am always a sucker for a maple bar! 

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