What Moms REALLY want for Mother's Day.

What is that moms REALLY want for Mother's Day? 

This is the ULTIMATE gift guide.

What Moms REALLY want for Mother's Day. It's not bullshit or crap.

I had a completely different blog post planned about what moms REALLY want for Mother's Day.  

It was all bullshit.  

Okay, not 100% BS because I wrote this wonderful guide with awesome gifts that a mom like me would want- a book subscription box, tea, etc. but I just can't publish it right now.    

That's because, right now, my heart is freaking shattered.  It's broken beyond repair.  My older sister passed away on May 1st.  She was just 46.  It was unexpected.  We are completely in shock.  

Here's the thing about my sister, Tina- all she wanted was to be loved as much as she loved everybody else.  She was always seeking the love she craved and deserved.  She didn't care about the name brand clothes, shoes or cars.  She was simple in that way.  

She's the reason that I re-evaluated this post.  

So what DO moms want for Mother's Day?  Mom doesn't want the BS I have seen floating around in Holiday Gift Guides.  I have seen things like weight loss pills, mattress toppers, cleaning supplies and such.  Nothing says "I love you, Mom" like saying you need to lose weight, here are some pills.


Show moms the love and respect we deserve.  The little things mean the most.  Just a warm hug because you want to give her one.   


Help out with laundry, the dishes, the house cleaning, the cooking- anything and not just on Mother's Day.  Give her a break.  Let her sleep in and not have to worry about the baseboards needing to be scrubbed.


Being a mom is hard work.  It's thankless and exhausting.  Be respectful and show her you appreciate her. 

These are the things moms want.

Sure, a book club subscription is great, a coffee mug rules, a Starbucks gift card gives me life but... a hand made card and a warm hug and an "I love you" feels soooo much better.  

I promise.

Because my sister, Tina inspired this post- I must share her with you.

She was a Christmas baby

Us in 1978- I am the crying baby in the middle and Tina is in the front row, far right- the only one smiling.  There is only eight of the nine of us in this photo.  Our beautiful, oldest sister stayed behind in Phoenix while we moved to Kansas.

In the late 1990s with her three daughters.  Her daughters are now grown women and mothers themselves.  My niece (her youngest) wrote "We were her pride but her grandbabies were her joy"

Last time I saw her was in 2013, when our dad passed away.  

She was alone when she passed away.  In her sleep.  She leaves behind so many of us who loved her dearly and will miss her fun personality, her crazy dancing, and her awful jokes.  Her death has hit me hard and it's a stark reminder of how precious life really is.  

I will be going back to Kansas to spend time with family and celebrating her life.  

This one's for you, Sister Christian. 

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