Review: Woman No 17 by Edan Lepucki

Woman No. 17
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*Disclaimer: received a free copy of the book for review purposes

Dark, witty, and tense.

Those are three key attributes when reading a noir novel and "Woman No. 17" definitely met two out of three. That's a good thing, at least in my world.

When I first began reading the "Woman No. 17", the key character's names made me cringe- Lady? S? Yikes. However, I found myself really finding both of them loathsome and if I can find myself feeling emotional about characters, that is a sign that an author is able to build characters. The story is all about relationships- Lady and S. S and Seth. Seth and Lady. Lady and her husband. Lady and Seth's father. It's all twisted, dark, and frankly, odd. Neither S nor Lady are likable characters. They both have secrets. They're self-loathing and self-destructive but WHAT are their secrets?

I found this to be an enjoyable and fast read. It's mysterious but not a mystery. The story is readable and engrossing. Did I enjoy this? Absolutely.

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